Remember that time Instagram tried to flip the whole world upside down by changing the direction of the scroll? Yes we're talking about the update from last week which lasted all of 5 seconds before Instagram realized it had just started the apocalypse. According to them, it was an experimental update intended for a very small audience but by mistake it was released to a much larger amount of people. Luckily, everyone's reaction to the update was enough for them to realize that a horizontal scroll is really not it and they quickly reversed it to the good old vertical scroll.

Thanks to Instagram's reset of that update, the vertical scroll is not a trend that we're leaving behind for the new year. But as 2018 draws closer to the end there are plenty of trends that we definitely should ditch, particularly in the beauty industry. Check out the top 10 trends that need to go before 2019 starts.


Excessive Facetuning

Facetune has gotten so popular because of how easy it makes it to achieve perfection in your pictures. But trying to achieve that level of perfection is unhealthy because it's not achievable. Constantly comparing yourself to these unrealistic versions of yourself and others will only ever leave you unsatisfied and discouraged. Your "flaws" are really the things that make you unique so rather than try and hide them with Facetune, embrace them!

Limited Shade Ranges

It's honestly crazy how long it's taken beauty brands to finally start acknowledging women of color, especially given the fact that they make up such a large portion of beauty consumers. For years, it's been pretty much been standard for companies to put out foundation and concealer ranges that offer a vast amount of shades for light skinned people but only a very small amount of options for darker skin tones. Thanks to Riri though, beauty brands have finally started to realize that darker skinned women also like to wear makeup and deserve more than 4 foundation/concealer shades to pick from. Here's to 2019 keeping up with this new trend and forever leaving behind limited ranges.


Corkscrew Nails

Stiletto nails are one thing but corkscrew nails? Can you imagine anything more impractical? If they at least could function like real corkscrews, maybe they could get a pass. But no. You just have weird spirals coming out of your nails for no reason.


Water Bottle Curls

While the concept sounds good in theory, this hack is just not it. At best you'll get very very loose, messy curls and at worst, you'll end up with an extremely frizzy and tangled ordeal. It's also only a relatively effective method for people with straight hair. If you really want to accomplish loose, messy curls, there's a lot more traditional methods that work more effectively and are healthier for your hair. This hack can be left on the feed of 2018 Instagram.


Halo Brows

Eyebrow art has surged in the past couple of years. Some eyebrow art is actually pretty cool and looks really beautiful, like garden brows. But then there are halo brows which are essentially backwards unibrows. Despite their name, there's nothing angelic about these brows. They're just weird.


Lash and Eyebrow Tinting

Did you know brow and lash tinting is illegal in California and might soon be illegal in the rest of the country? Yeah. Despite its popularity, the practice can actually be extremely dangerous because of the chemicals used in the tint itself that are NOT FDA approved. Those chemicals often cause skin irritation or worse, seep into your eye and cause permanent damage. Until the FDA can approve a safe method, it's best to just stick to regular makeup or microblading.


Glitter Face

We love a good glitter makeup look as much as the next person but slathering your face in glitter? Just imagine how hard that's going to be wash off. If you want to sparkle, glass skin is the next craze so maybe look into that instead.



If you don't know what this is, it's a person who is white passing but uses makeup, hair, and fashion to make themselves seem black on social media. Basically, it's a lite version of blackface but is just as inappropriate. Does this even need justification for leaving behind?


Activated Charcoal

We've all seen the videos of people brushing their teeth with some weird black stuff as a way to get whiter teeth. Activated charcoal has been boasted as a super ingredient because its molecular structure is designed in a way that basically makes it easy to attract unwanted toxins from the body. But the thing about this quality is that it will actually attract all substances, including the healthy ones. This means you'll be stripping yourself of the things you actually do need to be healthy. On top of that, there's only thing that activated charcoal is actually FDA approved for which is the prevention of drug overdoses.


Thin Sunglasses

Thin sunglasses made a comeback from the 90s this year but hopefully they'll stay there. They don't complement any face shape and don't actually offer protection from the sun. While fashion doesn't always have to be practical, by now we all know how damaging the sun can actually be. No fashion trend is worth neglecting your eye and skin health.