How many times have you been watching a movie that you love and wished you could actually visit the amazing locations inside the film? So many of them are simply Hollywood creations that will only ever exist on the screen but luckily, there are some destinations that you can actually visit in real life. So if you're looking to experience some of that movie magic, here are 10 movie locations that you can actually visit.


Movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens & Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Movie Location: The place where Luke Skywalker had exiled himself

Actual Location: Skellig Michael monastery in Ireland


Movie: The Shining

Movie Location: Overlook Hotel

Actual Location: Timberline Lodge


Movie: Hunger Games

Movie Location: President Snow's mansion

Actual Location: The Swan House at the Atlanta History Center in Georgia


Movie: Ocean's 8

Movie Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art where the heist went down

Actual Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art


Movie: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Movie Location: The place where the Holy Grail was hidden

Actual Location: Al Khazneh in Petra, Jordan


Movie: A Star is Born

Movie Location: The place where Ally sings on stage for the first time

Actual Location: The Virgil


Movie: Clueless

Movie Location: Gas station where Cher got robbed

Actual Location: Circus Liquor in LA


Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Movie Location: The island where Jack and Elizabeth are stranded

Actual Location: Petit Tabac in the Tobago cays


Movie: Up (yes the animated movie)

Movie Location: Paradise Falls

Actual Location: The animated falls are actually based on the real life Angel Falls in Venezuela


Movie: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Movie Location: Diagon Alley

Actual Location: Leadenhall Market in London

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