Your immune system is the part of your body that helps to fight off and protect your body against illnesses. We all may need a little immunity boost during the coronavirus pandemic to keep our bodies as healthy as possible. There are a plethora of natural and supplemental ingredients you can take to get a little pick me up for your immune system. Here's some food suggestions and vitamins you can include into your diet to combat illnesses and strengthen your immune system!


Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are very high in antioxidants, something that is great for your immune system! Next time you go shopping, make sure to pick up your favorite berry!


A superfood, coconut is not only known to keep your hair and skin healthy , but also for its metabolism and immune boosting benefits.

Citrus Fruits

Many people eat citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges, and lemons, because they are rich in vitamin C. Next time you're feeling under the weather, pick up an orange instead of an Emergen-C!


Garlic isn't only good for spicing up your meals, it also has many health benefits! Garlic has compounds that improve white blood cells when fighting off some viruses, packed with anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.


Great for a sore throat and inflammation, ginger is another ingredient to include in your immune boosting regimen! Ginger and honey in green tea is a tasty way to get this vegetable into your system! 


Rich in probiotics and vitamin D, yogurt is the perfect food you can use to boost your immune system! Dress up your favorite yogurt with some berries to get an extra immunity kick!

Vitamin C

Not only can you find this immune boosting vitamin in citrus fruits, but you also have the option of taking it as a supplement (don't forget to consult with your doctor first)! If you aren't too keen on oranges and other citrus fruits, this is the way to go for you!

Vitamin E

Some foods that are high in vitamin E are almonds, peanuts, and sunflower seeds, all of which are great for snacking! But, of course this vitamin is available in supplement form as well!

During these uncertain times, taking all of the precautions you can to improve your health is necessary. Including adding immune boosting foods and vitamins into your life. This lifestyle change will help your body prepare to battle any illnesses that come your way. Tell us what you're doing to boost your immunity @BoxBeautyCo!