Have you ever seen someone with a popping wash and go and wondered why your hair can’t do the same thing? Well we have good news -- you can achieve defined curls with a LOT of patience, water, and product. We know that wash and go’s are everything but “washing” and “going”; they’re time consuming and require plenty of endurance but they’re totally achievable. We did some research and found three ways that guarantee naturalistas successful wash and go’s. Please keep in mind that depending on your hair type (Type 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a , 4b, and 4c), the turnout of your wash and go may vary. 

Finger detangling your hair is one of the healthiest ways to achieve an awesome wash and go! Using your fingers allows you to feel for bumps and knots as opposed to combs and brushes, which can rip right through them, leading to breakage.

Used for all types of hair!



Using a Denman brush is one of the fastest ways to get a super defined wash and go.  It also helps to evenly distribute product throughout your hair, which leads to less build up. Be careful to not use these brushes as a detangler because they can cause some serious breakage.

Often used for 3c/4a hair

Plopping is a newer technique that cuts down both detangling/styling time and effort. Using cotton and microfiber to dry your curls reduces frizz and damage to the hair! 

Often used for 3c, 3b, 3a hair

Microfiber towel