As much as everyone may love their curls and kinks. At some point naturalistas toy with the thought of a silk press. Especially when the weather is cooler and you don't have to worry about sweating it out. But still the haunting image of destroying your curl pattern hinders youHonesty moment. Heat can be damaging. But, with the proper precautions and hair care it doesn’t have to be. You can achieve a healthy blow out and silk press without permanently damaging your curl pattern. Here's a few steps to ensure minimal damage and maintained healthy curls after its all said and done and wash day rolls back around.  

Wash well. One shampoo just won't do it. You want to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all buildup, oil dirt and then a moisturizing shampoo to fortify your hair shafts. We suggest Mane 'N Tail gentle clarifying shampoo it's not as harsh on your hair. Follow that up with a hydrating shampoo like the Hask Macadamia Moisturizing Shampoo

Don't be stingy with conditioner. Be sure to deep condition your hair before attempting this style. Well moisturized hair is strong hair. Deep conditioning strengthens and smooths your hair shafts which make it less susceptible to heat damage. 

Heat Protectant. Using a good heat protectant acts as the first barrier for your hair. Try Cantu's Shea Butter Thermal Shield. Not only does it protect your hair it’s a frizz reducer and adds a healthy shine to your hair.  

Now for the tricky part. 

A nice and neat blow out. Keeping your hair sectioned makes it easier to thoroughly pass through each section of hair. The straighter your blow out the less passes needed with the flat iron for the silk press. Use the nozzle attachment for your flat iron and a sturdy paddle or Denman brush. Pulling the brush through and pressing the nozzle against it as you pass through each section. 

Bigger is definitely not better. When you're ready for the flat iron if you got a really good blow out its easy to get a little bit lazy (most people have arms of steel after a good blow dry, youre tired) BUT the bigger the sections of your hair the more times you have to pass the flatiron over your hair which means more damage.  

Heat Control. Making sure that your flat iron is not too high or too low is important. The higher it is the more likely it is to get the desired straightness on the first pass through, but you don’t want to burn your hair. Most multicultural beauty stylists recommend 400 degrees. If you're wearing curls curl with the flatiron as you go so that you aren't doubling back in with more heat to curl after straightening. 

A healthy blow out and silk press is all about paying your hair due diligence. Making sure not to skip steps in the process so that come wash day your natural hair pattern is back to its normal glory.  

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