Oh, Fyre Festival. To think it's already been a whole year and a half since the greatest festival in the history of festivals happened. Or well…didn't happen. After the festival failed to deliver on literally every promise of luxury or even decent accommodations, it came to light that all those paying customers were actually just victims of a massive scam that even fooled and roped in celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Ja Rule. And while most of those influencers have just tried to distance themselves from the mess, Ja Rule isn't ready to let go just yet. He recently let it drop that he actually plans to give Fyre Festival another try. Under a different name, of course.

Is the festival's sequel doomed from the start? We can't really say. After all, the idea behind Fyre Festival was actually not bad and in the right hands, could probably have turned it into an amazing experience. Is Ja Rule the guy to make that happen? Looks like we'll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, how about we look at other festivals that are definitely successful events? With festival season coming up, we wanted to compile a list of the top festivals to go to in arts, music, food, and film.


For all the foodies out there, Taste of Chicago should definitely be on your bucket list. It's constantly dubbed as one of the top food festivals in the U.S. and it's for good reason. As the largest food festival in the world, you're going to find food of every kind, no matter what your preference is. On top of the food, you can also enjoy musical performances by indie and alternative musicians though they've also had performers like The Roots and Alessia Cara. The festival will be held mid July this year so if you plan to attend, come ready for the food and the heat.

For music and the culture, look into Afropunk. Originally created to feature black artists in the alternative music and arts genre, their lineups in recent years have included more mainstream names such as SZA, Tyler The Creator, and Janelle Monae. The festival first started in Brooklyn but is now held in multiple cities throughout the year including Atlanta, Paris, and London. There's really not many other festivals quite like this one, which was designed to be a safe and empowering place for black folks so it's absolutely worth experiencing at least once.


Another festival that's all about empowering and creating a sense of community is the Pride Festival. They're held all over the country but for something really special, head over to the New Orleans Pride Festival. Held every June, New Orleans just proves they really know how to throw a party. The festival consists of the iconic pride parade throughout the French Quarter which features burlesque shows, food, drinking, and music all along the way. Honestly, who wouldn't want to go?


Every movie junkie out there should want to visit the Tribeca Film Festival at least once in New York. Robert De Niro founded the festival only 15 years ago but since then it's grown to have a widely recognized position in the film industry today. It screens thousands of movie submissions from independent to studio films. In the past, it premiered Stars Wars Episode II, Spider-Man 3, and The Avengers. It also includes panel discussions with distinctive industry members and an awards programs. Basically it's every movie lover's dream.


The creators of Pitchfork Music Festival always seem to curate the perfect list of performers from practically every genre out there. You can discover some of the best artists in the indie game at Pitchfork and despite having thousands of attendees, it still manages to create a unique and intimate environment where you not only can enjoy under-the-radar music but some amazing food, art, and drinks.


Maybe the best thing about all of these festivals is that none of them cost anywhere near as much as Fyre Festival and they actually deliver unforgettable experiences, in a good way. So which festivals are you saving up to go?