It looks like Michelle Phan is making a comeback! After having been MIA from YouTube for two years, Michelle surprised fans with a video on Sunday night.

Lasting 3 minutes and 12 seconds, the video gives a behind-the-scenes look of a promo for a lip gloss from Michelle's beauty company. While this is a pretty short video by today's standards, it was more than enough for fans who've been missing the OG YouTuber.


Michelle Phan Tweet


Michelle was THE original beauty guru on the platform who was the first to make a living from posting makeup tutorials back in 2006. At the height of her YouTubing days, she had over 10 million followers and a very lucrative career. But the money and success came at a price, like several copyright infringement lawsuits over music. After becoming depressed and burnt out, Michelle suddenly stepped away from the internet altogether in 2016. A whole year went by before she returned to give fans an explanation but even then her channel stayed inactive for another two years while she focused her energy to other business ventures such as her newly revamped beauty brand.


Em Cosmetics


Technically, she was active on YouTube back in June of this year when she launched a live-steam radio-style video. It runs 24/7 with chill vibey music that she curates herself but that was far from the style of her old videos. Sunday's post is her first real video since she stepped away and fans have compared her return to the popular cartoon series, Avatar. If you've never seen the show, it's about 4 nations that maintain peace because of the Avatar. When one of the nations begins to attack, the Avatar mysteriously disappears leading to a century of war and destruction until he finally returns to restore .rmony Constant drama in the beauty community started roughly around the same time Michelle Phan stepped away and now fans hope Michelle might be able to restore the peace.




That's a lot to ask of someone though and given that Michelle literally quit because the pressure was too much, it might be a good idea to not put all your eggs in her basket.