Ever decide to straighten your hair and you're lovinging it - until the last days? You know what we’re talking about- your hair may get frizzy or even greasy and it's almost impossible to wear it down. Towards week 2-3, your hair definitely needs a wash. But if you want to make the style last a little longer, you can try different hairstyles that are cute and don’t require you to flat iron your hair again! The less heat, the better! Here’s some hairstyles to try when your straightened hair needs a change!

If you have short hair:

If you have medium length hair:

If you have long hair:

Other ways you can switch up your straightened hair is to use accessories!! These styles are great if you want to go for a nostalgic 90’s look! Just pop in some snap on clips or add colorful rubber bands to your style. Here’s some inspiration for your new look!

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