While most of us are probably trying to keep warm under layers of blankets and sweaters, Simone Biles is soaking up the sun at the beach with her boyfriend, Stacey Ervin Jr. Simone has dedicated most of her life to her gymnastics career but four Olympic gold medals later, the gymnast is taking some well-deserved time off. Her vacation comes shortly after she competed at the World Gymnastics Championships in which she made history by becoming the first American to win a medal at every event in the competition. And as a side note, she accomplished this all after having taken a break from the sport for a year and being diagnosed with a kidney stone the day before. Um, GOAT?

 Gym Hair Don't Care

Gym Hair Don't Care

Needless to say, Simone is an incredible athlete and we can only imagine the amount of time and energy she spends practicing and working out. We don’t all have to spend as much time as her at the gym but if you do love that #fitlife or it's one of your New Years resolutions, then we want to help!

When you're going hard in your workout, you shouldn't have to worry about constantly wiping your hair off of your face. Styling your hair so that its away from your face and out of the way is always a good idea but whether you have treated or natural hair, working out may present some hair challenges. Who wants to spend hours on the perfect twist out, a fresh install, or pressing it to silky perfection only to have an hour of sweating ruin it?

Here are some things you can do so that your hair stays looking good without having to sacrifice exercising.

Put it in a ponytail

Simone's go-to style when she's killing it on the floor is a simple ponytail. You can always go the same route or you can add in some twists or braids to change up the look. We recommend putting your hair in a high ponytail if possible so that it doesn't sit at your neck where it's more likely to get covered in sweat. The ponytail can be a good style of choice for relaxed hair if you use the right products. Bonus points if you add a scarf or fabric headband to keep your edges laid flat. Check out the video to see how you can save your relaxed hair with a ponytail hairstyle.

Braid it

Braids are another great style to have when you're at the gym. If you're able to, cornrows are one of the best braid options because they'll do an excellent job of keeping your hair completely out of the way and you have more exposed scalp that is great to help air it out mid workout. If you don't want to get cornrows, you can still opt for a single French braid or two to keep your hair tame and out of the way. Afterwards, you can even let your hair dry in the braid and get some nice braided waves.

Work with your natural curls

Being able to embrace your natural hair can really open up your ability to work out whenever you want. You can wash it more often and deal with your hair on your own rather than having to see a stylist to fix any kinks that you're not feeling. There's also never been a better time to flaunt your natural hair! With a little product to help keep it in place and some creativity (or Youtube) the hairstyles you can try for the gym are endless.


Use dry shampoo

It's tempting to wash your hair after every single gym visit, especially if you're prone to sweating a lot from your head. But if you work out on an almost daily basis, following up each session with a hair wash is going to do more harm than good. No matter what hair type you have, your scalp and hair need the natural oils produced on your head to stay healthy. Of course, leaving your hair with all that sweat doesn't make for good looking hair either. Dry shampoo is a perfect solution to reviving your hair without washing it. It can give back the volume and bounciness that you might lose during a workout and will even make it smell great again so that no one will know you just spend the last hour sweating your butt off.

 Gym Hair Don't Care

Spray it

If you want to rejuvenate your hair without dry shampoo, you can also consider spritzing your scalp with a little coconut oil, shea butter spray, or argon oil. This will also help reduce the frizz that you might have gotten while exercising and can make your hair smell naturally good.

Hair vs. exercising is a choice that a lot of women have to face. But it doesn't have to be one or the other. You can still look good without giving up the gym. If you're having a hard time sticking to the fit life or you're just looking for more inspiration, these women prove that you really can have both.

Gym Hair Don't Care

Of course, the last woman we want to include is Simone Biles. She works incredibly hard and her dedication and athleticism has earned her 20 world medals making her only the second person in history have that many and she still looks beautiful doing it. Now that's a girl who can do both.

Gym Hair Don't Care

Gym Hair Don't Care