Since officially veering away from Fifth Harmony, Normani has yet to drop a solo song although her collabs with Calvin Harris, 6lack, and Khalid have all been bops. That streak isn't broken with her latest collab with Sam Smith called 'Dancing With A Stranger' that dropped earlier today. If you haven't heard it yet, take a listen below:


Fifth Harmony hasn't technically broken up but instead has gone on an indefinite hiatus to give all the members a chance to pursue solo gigs. And that's exactly what Normani is trying to do. So far, she hasn't let us down with her collabs but we're all waiting to hear what she's been cooking up on her own. According to Normani, she's taking her time since going solo is a huge and frankly scary step in her life.

We get it. Going out into life completely on your own is definitely scary. This applies to all aspects of life, too, not just career-wise. Leaving your parent's house, moving to another place alone, ending a relationship, they're all scary and often hard decisions to make. Especially ending a relationship. How many people have stayed in a relationship longer than they needed to? A lot. It's understandable because breakups are never easy, especially if you still have feelings for the person. Still feeling something for them doesn’t mean that the two of you belong together though. But if still caring about the other person isn't always enough of a reason to stay with them, how can you know when to call it quits? What are the signs? Keep reading to see if it's time for you to go solo.


You keep waiting for them to change.

So often people stay with their partner because of a hope that they'll eventually change. But when is that "eventually" going to be? If you've spent months or years waiting for them to become someone different, then we hate to break it to you but it's not going to happen. You don't even have to wait that long to realize this. If you've discussed what you need from them and they still haven't made the effort to change, or the change doesn't last long before they revert back to their ways, then it's time to move on. You can't date potential because that potential may never be fulfilled. 


You don't like how you've changed.

Some compromise is essential to have a successful relationship, but completely changing yourself for the other person should never be a part of the deal. If you find yourself missing the way you used to be before your significant other, then chances are they might not be the kind of influence you need in your life. If you've had to compromise your core beliefs for them, then it's definitely time to dip.


You can't trust them.

Are they really where they say they are? How much of that story was actually true? What actually happens when I'm not around? If these are very typical questions in your relationship, then there are trust issues at hand. Constantly feeling the need to snoop to find out what's actually going on or feeling like you can't leave them alone because of what they might do is not normal in a healthy relationship. Whether or not they've actually given you a reason not to trust them, (but especially if they have given you a reason) if you just can't seem to trust them, then it's time to end things.


Your loved ones don't support the relationship.

Despite how the saying goes, it shouldn't always be you guys against the world, especially if the world is made up of the people who love you the most. Yeah, there are times when a loved one might just be a little jealous of the two of you but if everyone in your life is against your relationship, it's time to really listen. Family and friends have a way of catching things that you initially don't.


You prefer your friends over your SO.

On the flip side, if it's starting to feel more like you always prefer your friends over your partner, that's a bad sign too. There's nothing wrong with wanting a girls night or just wanting to spend quality time with friends. But if you practically dread plans with your SO or you find yourself coming up with all sorts of plans that will allow you to avoid your partner, then that should be a red flag for you.


You wonder about who else is out there.

If the thought crosses your mind on rare occasions, that's perfectly normal. A little doubt here and there is fine, even in the happiest of relationships. But if you're constantly asking yourself, "Could I do better?" or you feel tempted to download a dating app "just to see" what's out there, you should really pay attention because you've essentially already moved on in your head with potential new people.


Part of growing up is going out on your own and learning to fend for yourself. But no life-changing decision comes easily and ending a relationship is no exception. While the decision can be hard at first, taking this step can be the most liberating and empowering thing you ever do. Like Normani said, "we all owe it to ourselves" to go solo every once in a while.