The gloves are officially off and no one is safe! Hide your boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, husbands, mothers -- all of them!

Yesterday Twitter erupted when Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill ignited their long-time past-relationship beef. Last month, Meek, Nicki, and her husband were caught on camera arguing in a West Hollywood store. Fast forward a couple of weeks later, Nicki publicly referenced a line from her new song “Yikes” in a post about Meek Mill. The Trinidadian rapper claimed that her Meek Mill liked a post that made fun of her husband, Kenneth Petty.  

Meek Mill took to Twitter to address the allegations, which is where it all went downhill:

And then Nicki responded…

Some followers believe that the two rappers are still in love with each other, which is why they can’t seem to stop arguing like a...couple. Others think that Meek still isn’t over Nicki Minaj -- even though he has a child on the way with his alleged girlfriend, Milan. Either way, this seems like something that these celebs should be working on OFFline! Follow us at @BoxBeautyCo on Twitter for more updates about this situation.