Everything has come to a screeching halt within the past two weeks. No brunch, no hair salon trips, no lash appointments, and the worst -- no nail appointments. As much of an adjustment as social distancing will be, it’s also the perfect time just let things just “be.” Grow those eyebrows out! Grow those lashes out! And equally important... let those nails breathe from all of those chemicals. Below, we’ve come up with a guide to help you maintain your nails while letting them break during this break. 

Firstly, if you have gel, SNS, or acrylics on your nails -- remove it!

Every now and then, your nails deserve a break from the constant filing, gluing, and layering of chemical-laced products. Here’s a great example of how to care for your nails at home:

It’s super important to moisturize your nails the way you moisturize your skin! With the current coronavirus pandemic, it is extremely vital for you to constantly wash your hands. Unfortunately, with clean hands comes dry skin. Our blog Wash Moisturize Repeat shares helpful tips on how to keep your skin moisturized while keeping it clean! You should treat your nails with nourishing oils; tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, and olive oil are all great for strengthening and keeping your nails moisturized. 

Certain essential oils like lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, grapefruit, etc. also promote nail growth and strength. Check out our special essential mix for the perfect strength nail booster below. 

Aside from physically maintaining the health of your nails, nourishing your nails through your diet is especially helpful as well. Eating foods that are high in sulfur like broccoli, onions, and garlic are great for adding strength and shine to your nails! 

We know this uncertain period of time without our favorite beauty addictions might be tough, but it’ll be a much needed break for our nails! Let us know how your nail break is going on Twitter at @BoxBeautyCo!