After teasing snippets and imagery all over social media, Ariana Grande finally dropped her newest single, "7 Rings" along with the music video. The song's melody samples "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music and is a total flex anthem.  If you haven't seen the music video yet, we can sum it up for you: pink. Check it out for yourself:


According to Ariana, the song was inspired by a recent trip to Tiffany's with some of her closest friends. They all got tipsy and Ariana ended up buying all of them friendship rings. Diamond friendship rings.


Although most of us can't really relate to that, we can at least relate to the power of friendship. When we're going through tough times, it can be really healing to spend time with some of your closest girl friends. The best part about it is that you don't have to drop seven diamonds worth of money to get in some good quality time with your girl friends. There are so many other things you can do together and today we're going to highlight 7 ideas to inspire your next girls night.


Game night

Sometimes it's nice to take it back to the good old days of board games. You'd be surprised how fun it can be to gather around and play these games with your friends. There are endless games out there from board games to classic kids games like hide and seek. You can even incorporate a drinking aspect to it to change things up.


You don't have to be an expert camper to go camping. Grab a tent and camp in your backyard or if you really hate the outdoors, set it up in your living room. You can do all the fun camping activities like making smores, telling scary stories around the fire and star gazing.

Volunteer together

There's nothing better than spreading the love you have for your closest friends to people who are in need. When you have a cause that you feel passionate about, it's great to see your friends support it too. You can take turns volunteering for the issues that are closest to all your friends and feel good knowing you all helped make the world a little better.

Progressive dinner

You and your friends might share the same favorite restaurant or you might not. Instead of having your whole dinner all at the same place you always have it at, try three different places! Think of it like bar hopping but with dinner. An appetizer at one, the main course at another, and desert at the third place. The best part is you guys don't have to worry about trying to impress some date and can just enjoy the food and the time with each other.

Night at the museum

It's more common nowadays for museums to hold after-closing events. You can get dressed up, have some drinks and look at all the art without as many people around. And what better time to take some bomb museum pictures?

Comedy show

Laughter is the best medicine. And laughter with your best friends? That's almost sure to cure all your woes. You can either go to a big name comedian's show or visit some of the smaller comedy clubs. Who knows, you might even end up watching one of comedy's future celebrities before they blow up.

Book club

For all the book lovers out there, a book club can be a great way to start a reoccurring girls night. A different member can pick the book and at the next meeting, you all discuss it. It's like the old school version of gathering around and binge watching a series together.


According to Ariana Grande, money can solve your problems as long as you have enough of it. While we can't really vouch for that, we can say that a fun girls night can definitely help when you're going through problems. So next time you're going through something you can try out one of these 7 ideas with your girl friends, at least until you're able to afford 7 diamond friendship rings.