Before Game of Thrones came out, no one could have predicted the massive following that it would get. But seven years and seven seasons after first premiering, it's one of the biggest shows on TV with an audience extending all around the world. Recently, HBO finally announced that the premiere date for the 8th and final season would be sometime in April 2019. It's been a struggle for fans who will have waited almost 2 years for the final season by the time it comes out. To fill up the whole in their hearts though, Game of Thrones has been busy working with a bunch of different companies on GoT-themed collections.

Adidas has recently started rolling out a GoT Collection made up of shoes inspired by each of the house names as well as for the White Walkers. The show also came out with a whiskey collection, with a different whiskey company creating a bottle specifically for each of the houses and also the Night's Watch.

Game of BraidsGame of Braids

After the gore and shocking plot turns, one of the most notable features of the show might be the characters' hair. Not only has the hair served as important plot points in the story, it's also served some interesting looks, particularly from the female characters who have a clear interest in braided hairdos. Watch any of the episodes and you're sure to see at least one of the women with some pretty intricate braids in her hair.

Game of Braids

Braids are probably one of the most versatile hairdos out there. Even the series only shows a small amount of what you can actually do with braids. Braids can look good any time of the year and on any person, the trick is just to make sure you style them well. We're going to give you the tips you need to make sure whatever braid hairstyle you do is fit for the throne.

 First let's cover shorter-term braid hairstyles designed for one-day wear such as french braids, milkmaid, or fishtail braids.

Prepping the Hair

If you're going for one of these styles, you'll want to make sure that you have or add the right texture to your hair. Fine, straight hair won't always hold these styles as well. If this is your hair type, make sure to curl your hair before you start.

Maintaining the Look

To have your hair hold the braid even better, add hairspray or texturizing spray.

Make your braids appear fuller by pulling on the braid after you're done.

Alternatively, you can add extensions to make the braids thicker.

You can also add highlighted extensions to give more dimension to the braids.

Game of Braids


Now, if you plan to get a longer-term hairstyle such as box braids, Senegalese twists, or cornrows, make sure to follow these tips.

Prepping the Hair

Before even starting, make sure you prep your hair correctly. Ensure that you've washed, conditioned, and deep conditioned your hair the day before getting your braids. When the style you plan to get will involve using extensions, you need to make sure it's well nourished before tucking it away for the next few weeks.

To make the braiding process easier, comb out your hair to remove any tangles. If you have really curly hair, stretch out your curls so that the braids can be as sleek and frizz free as possible.

Caring and Cleaning Your Braids

Just because these braids are meant to be protective styles, doesn't mean you can neglect your hair. Maintenance is absolutely key to making your braids last longer and look good the whole time.

Wash your braids on a regular basis. Dirt, product build up, and dead skin cells can and will gather on your hair so you need to make sure you're washing at least once every two weeks minimum. Of course, you need to wash with care. Using diluted shampoo or an apple cider vinegar mix, focus primarily on your scalp and gently wash your braids.

Always make sure you're moisturizing. Because braids will expose more of your scalp than usual, it can be more prone to drying out. Also, synthetic hair is notorious for drying out your natural hair. We recommend water-based moisturizers to use from root to tip and if your scalp needs a little extra loving, apply a light oil.

Maintaining the Look

Sleep with silk or satin. Braids or not, it's important to protect your hair while you sleep. The natural smoothness of silk and satin help reduce friction while sleeping meaning less frizz. And they won't dry your hair or scalp out the way cotton will.

When time starts to pass and your braids start to fray, use a hot water and gel treatment to get them looking their best again. Trim the stray hairs and then put your extensions in hot water. As you gently dry them, apply some styling gel. They'll be looking brand new (almost) afterwards. You can also apply edge control to all your braids instead and give your edges a little fixup while you're at it.Game of Braids

Instead of redoing your whole head, extend the style by redoing just the edges in a halo effect when they start to look a little worn.

Lastly, do not leave your braids in for too long. Even when you're taking all the right steps to moisturize and maintain your braids, leaving them in longer than a month or two can begin to damage your hair. Take them out after 8 weeks maximum and then let your natural hair breath for a few weeks before getting them back in.

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Game of Braids