Space and all the infinite mysteries that come with it are still largely inaccessible to all of us. What could be waiting for us out there? Aliens? The solution for immortality? The key to time travel? There's just something about the vast unexplored regions of the cosmos that we can't help but long for. 

But try as we might, we haven't cracked the code for intergalactic travel just yet which means for the time being, we're still bound to Earth. But while we wait for the moment we can finally go to the cosmos, why not bring them to us instead?

Check out these 5 ways you can turn your room into your very own galactic getaway.


If you want to feel like you're floating amongst the stars, then glow in the dark paint or stickers are the way to go. No need to be super artistic. Just add dots of varying size to your ceiling and walls and next time you're in bed, you can look up to have the night sky right in your very own bedroom.


For a quicker and more temporary option, find yourself a handy astral light. These lamps will project the stars all over your bedroom for a truly immersive experience. As a fun DIY, you can even create your own. The concept is super easy. Grab a piece of paper, poke some holes in it then put it inside a jar. Add a light to it and boom.


Create an ode to the great constellations with this lighted canvas painting. While the end result is beautiful and unique wall art, it's actually extremely easy to do yourself. Get a black canvas and poke some holes in it in the shape of your constellation of choice. Then use a brush to splatter some white drops of paint all over it. Finally, get ahold of some string or fairy lights and fit one light through each hole you poked. Easy as that!


Want to shoot for the moon instead? You can make your own moon lamp in less than 20 minutes! You need a white orb lamp to get the job done and IKEA's FADO lamp is the perfect option. Next, grab some dark grey acrylic paint and dab/rub a thin layer onto the inside of the lamp with a paper towel. Let it dry for around 10 minutes and then reinsert the light bulb to light up your new moon.


Poke out black holes in black or dark grey curtains and then hang up on your window. Place a sheer or tulle curtain in front of it and then enjoy the dreamy and galactic ambiance! If you don't want to cover your windows during the daytime, place the curtains along a wall in front of a lamp for the same effect even at night.


So which ideas do you want to try? Show us the results! @boxbeautyco