The monotony of an eight-hour work day can be draining and lead you to think about random things like whether or not you took the chicken out of the freezer, or which colors you should get next time you go to the nail salon. Maybe you’re a productive daydreamer and you add places and locations to your bucket list while you’re at your desk. You might even scroll through Pinterest to add travel pins to your “Summer 2020” board. If that’s the case, the next time you need a mini break from work check out these five Instagram accounts that illustrate how beautiful traveling the world can be!


As the first black woman to travel to all 195 countries in the world, you can bet that you’ll catch a glimpse of the entire world on Jessica Nabango’s Instagram. Nabango made it her mission to prove that black people in particular can and should travel to any country they please.


Asiyami Gold admitted to initially convincing herself that nursing school was the route she wanted to take, mainly because of the pressure of her family's expectations.  However, when she realized she was not being true to herself, she left school for a more fitting career of being a visual storyteller. Now, this traveling babe is a well-known Instagram travel influencer and founder of Shop A.Au, a Nigerian clothing brand.


If you’re ever need travel inspiration, Travel Noir is the best Instagram profile to find it! Being young and traveling seems like it doesn’t mix, but this page showcases hundreds of young people voyaging across the world. 

@ SpiritedPursuit

Lee Litumbe noticed the lack of travel inspiration stemming from Africa and decided to take matters into her own hands. She quit her financing job and moved to the continent to travel through it. If you check her Instagram profile out, you’ll notice that she’s well-traveled all over the world. 


This account is an amazing source for inspiration when planning trips with your girls! Black Girl Travel Slay features tons of black women traveling across the globe, sometimes with a crew and sometimes solo dolo!

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