Beyoncé is at it again doing what she does best. Her Ivy Park photoshoot for Elle magazine dropped this week and we have to say, Mrs. Knowles Carter looks as amazing as ever. Her fit includes her latest Ivy Park collection which features gender-neutral designs and brand new sneakers.


While Beyoncé always goes hard on just about everything, one thing she actually tends to scale back on is her makeup. We're not surprised. With natural beauty like hers, who wouldn't be happy to just let it be? But even Beyonce doesn't just wake up looking entirely flawless. She described her go-to makeup look which consists of three key elements: moisturizer, a little concealer, and a bright lip.


When you're trying to achieve a minimal makeup look, these three steps are excellent starting points but you don't just have to stop there. If you feel you need a little extra primping, here are 5 tips to perfect the minimal makeup look.


Prep the skin

Since the aim to let your natural skin show as much as possible, you want to make sure it's looking its best. Just like Beyoncé, moisturizing with a good hydrating product is a must to keep your skin looking plump and dewy. After moisturizing, apply a primer. While you may not be caking on a heavy layer of foundation, the right primer can still help improve your skin's appearance by controlling shine throughout the day and minimizing your pores' appearance.


Foundation & concealer

You want to limit the places you apply these products to only those areas that need it. Whether it's foundation or concealer think of it more as a spot treatment rather than an all-over face product. For example, there's no need to apply undereye concealer unless you have dark circles you want to cover.


Cream products

Stick to cream products whenever possible as they create a more natural overall finish. They also tend to have better staying power than powders usually do. Lightly use powder foundation or setting powder only in the areas that you want to keep matte but remember that with the minimal look, a dewy finish resembles natural skin more so don't feel the need to remove shine entirely.



Most people tend to believe that the no makeup look means that you shouldn't touch your eyes but that's not true! Just a little touchup on your eyes can go a long way. Curling your lashes can open up you eyes more without the need of eyeliner or eyeshadow. If you want to go an extra step, apply a light coat of mascara to emphasize your lashes just a tad more without looking too done up. You don't want your lashes to look clumpy since that's a dead giveaway that you're wearing makeup so opt for a lengthening mascara over a volumizing one.



Beyoncé knows that pairing a bright lip with minimal makeup can look gorgeous but that's not the only way you can incorporate color into a minimal beauty look. You can create a minimal monochromatic look by using the same color on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Stick with shades that will compliment your skin tone such as pinks and peaches for lighter tones or corals and coppers for darker skin.


These tips are small changes but they can make a big difference in the final look and before you know it, you can look just as flawless as Beyoncé does!


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