The temperature is supposed to drop any second now. We know that with cold weather creeping up on us we’ll soon have to trade all of our outdoor activities for indoor ones. Aside from the holiday festivities, thinking of things to do when it’s cold out can be the most challenging part of this transition, so we came up with five really interactive indoor activities for you and your loved ones to try out. Take a look below!

Game Night

There’s nothing like a good game night to really get people riled up! Twister, Uno, Spoons, Never Have I Ever, Card Against Humanity, etc. are all great ways to start up a fun-filled game night. I mean, who can really deny the greatness of a heated game of Taboo? 

Photo: @dressmytables

A Cabin Trip

A good ole’ winter cabin trip! Being surrounded by trees and the most serene sounds nature has to offer you is probably what you need anyway. A break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, work, and responsibilities, cabin trips are great for bonding with your loved ones. You might not have the best service out in the mountains or on a lake, but most cabins come with WiFi nowadays. And, be honest, do you really need your phones? 


Photo: @_thtblasiangirl

Girls Night

This one is a personal favorite because girls night are always needed, they’ll never go out of style. Nothing beats chatting it up with your girls over some wine and favorite foods. Anything is possible at a girls night, but we covered a few possibilities earlier this year. If those suggestions aren’t enough you can always add an at home spa to the mix, equipped with facial masks, DIY mani’s and pedi’s, and mini makeovers! 

Photo: @Ambry_lyn

Movie Night

Movie nights are perfect for larger groups of friends/family that just want to enjoy each other’s company. Everyone can pick their favorite film or you can have a themed movie marathon.(Bonus points if you dress up for the theme). To really make your movie night an immersive experience, you can use a projector as a substitute for a TV and sit on huge pillows instead of sitting on the couch! Lastly, whatever you do..Don’t forget the popcorn!

Arts and Crafts Night

Hear us out -- arts and crafts can be fun for adults too! Get your friends or family together for a night of creative fun with carefully picked DIY crafty projects like painting coffee mugs, carving and painting pumpkins, making galaxy jars, or even just painting!