Can you believe it's almost fall? With everything going on this year, summer 2020 has practically come and gone in a blink. What better way to bring in the new season than with a much needed hair change? If you're still trying to decide how to change up your style, then scroll down to see the top hair trends for this coming fall!



That's right! The mullet it back and definitely better than ever. From the dramatic to the shaggy, there's a mullet for everyone.




Statement ponytails

Ponytails are getting reinvented! Don't be surprised to see everyone playing with the length, shape, and accessories of the hairdo this season.

statement ponytail



90s updos

Everything 90s related has been making a comeback this year and thanks to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, these classic 90s updos are about to blow up again.




Hair sculptures

Volume, structure, and statements. This fall you can expect to see hair being styled into shapes and patterns that truly work forms of art.




Flipped Ends

Yet another throwback style that you'll be seeing everywhere. This style has gained a lot of traction lately amongst the fashion elite and there's no sign that it'll be slowing down this season.

flipped ends




It must be something about the chaos of this year that has everyone wanting to start over, including with their hair! Short hair and even no hair at all will be commonly seen this fall.





With the temperatures dropping, it's easier to have hair covering your face without feeling like you're overheating. You can bet that bangs are about to gain a lot of popularity again.




Hair stencils

Hair colorists everywhere are about to put their artistry into maximum gear. From animal prints to designer logos, this statement style will be a hot trend this season.


So what trends are you going to try? Show us your hairstyles! @boxbeautyco