This summer, HBO has gifted us with our newest TV obsession, Euphoria. With Drake as one of Euphoria’s executive producers and Zendaya as the lead actress, we knew the show wouldn’t disappoint. The show follows the lives of a group of high school students as they search for friendship, love, and themselves amid the chaotic world we live in today. While the show itself has kept us on the edge of our seats, we couldn’t help but notice how amazingly artistic and expressive the makeup looks have been onscreen.

It’s been a refreshing change to see how seamless the creative makeup looks have been without all the attention drawn away from who the character is. Each female character models an individual way of expressing her internal emotions, development, and motives through makeup while still showcasing new looks each episode. Euphoria is a show unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time and we’re here to show you the creative, boundary pushing makeup looks that the women of Euphoria showcased during the season.


Maddy Looks

Maddy is one of the most confident characters in Euphoria and her makeup shows it too. In every episode, her makeup has a motive and that’s to be seen and heard. Her makeup is like an extension of the outfits she wears and we have been living for each look she shows up with. 

Electric Liner

To get Maddy’s pop of color eye look, you don’t have to stick with the same colors she has. You can grab any of your favorite two colors and work your makeup artistry skills. This look isn’t too far from an everyday smokey eye or winged liner if you think about it. Just by adding a vibrant color, you can completely change the vibe of your makeup look.


Glitz n Glam

To get this look, you can pick your favorite vibrant color and any shaped rhinestones you like.This look is definetely a little more daunting since theres rhinstones and glitter involved, but you can absolutely wear it to your next music festival, party, or if you’re just feeling like showcasing your creative side. 



Jules Looks

Jules’ looks are care-free and expressive. She’s all about fun bright colors and glitter for her makeup. In each episode, her makeup almost matches the emotions she’s experiencing which is a creative way she shows how she wants to be seen to the world.

Sweet Sparkle

This isn’t necessarily an everyday makeup look for most people, but you can still rock this look at parties, music festivals, parades, and more!


Angular Eyes

This look is more subdued and casual compared to Jules’ glitter eye look. Since this look has more of a clean editorial feel to it, it’d be perfect for those of you who are dipping your toes into color and unconventional makeup trends.



Makeup is something that can be artistic and fun, so why not try out some of these looks at your next party, music festival, or night out?  Tag us in your Euphoria inspired looks @boxbeautyco!