Wash Day is as routine as it gets and while you may have been doing it your entire life, some practices may be hurting your hair instead of helping it.

Swearing off sulphates entirely. Sulphates have gotten a bad rep in the curly community but they actually have their place. At least once a month if not every other wash day you should be using a shampoo with sulfates for a deeper clean.

Lathering your hair all at once. This is a sure way to create knots and make detangling more difficult than it has to be. Try your best to apply shampoo directly to your roots and scrub your scalp, allowing the lather to run down the rest of your hair.

Combing from the root. Not only will this cause unnecessary shedding but also you can damage your hair follicles by yanking out hair that should not have been lost. Instead, section your hair into small portions and begin your detangling gently at the end working your way upward so that the comb flows smoothly with minimal shedding. Gentle reminder, small tooth combs are not your friends. Try a wide tooth comb or a denman brush depending on what’s best for your texture.

Skipping the deep conditioning or treatment. Life is hard on hair and it can use every bit of TLC you can give it. Pick a wash day where you don’t have to rush and don’t have to skip parts for the sake of time.
Rinsing your conditioner with hot water. You might as well skip the conditioner all together. All the nutrients and locked in moisture your hair pulls from your favorite conditioner are stripped away by hot water. Switch the temperature to a warm or cool setting before rinsing.

Using a regular bath towel to dry your hair. Cotton towels add friction and can dry your hair out which on natural curls means a whole lot of frizz. Try a microfiber instead. Want to skip a towel altogether? Youtuber Kimberly Cherrell managed to air dry her hair in one hour.

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