When times are stressful, it's easy to get caught up in all your responsibilities and forget to take some much needed alone time to relax. Hectic schedules and holidays can make it hard to keep track of your own wellbeing but making that extra effort is absolutely worth it. Sometimes, something as simple as a bath is all you need to help you unwind and recharge and luckily, they're not too hard to come by. It's good to spoil yourself once in a while, so here are some ways to make your next bath feel like a dream without breaking the budget.


Before actually getting in the bath, it might be a good idea to jump in to a quick shower. This might seem like an unnecessary step but in reality, it's the best time to wash off all the sweat and dirt that you've accumulated throughout the day. Otherwise, that stuff will come off during the bath and you'll just be sitting in it for the next hour or so. While you're in the shower, use an exfoliating scrub to remove all the dirt and dead skin cells. A perfect low priced option is Shea Moisture's Hand and Body Scrub which will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished.


Atmosphere is everything. If you want to get the perfect atmosphere for a luxurious bath, turn off those harsh overhead bathroom lights and light a bunch of candles. Not only will the softer lighting create a more peaceful ambiance, but you can also get scented candles with all your favorite and calming scents such as lavender and jasmine.


There's no better time to use a face mask than during a bath. The hot, steamy water will open up your pores and allow the ingredients in the mask to penetrate deeper into your skin. So not only will it help you feel like a goddess during the bath, it'll also help you look like a glowing goddess out of the bath. You can use your favorite store bought mask or customize your very own with a DIY recipe.


If you decided to skip the pre-bath shower, then use a soap that isn't just made to clean your skin. There are soaps that double as exfoliators, are infused with calming scents, or use moisturizers to keep your skin looking healthy and feeling replenished. Go ahead and indulge in a nice one. Your skin will thank you for it.


Your face isn't the only thing that can benefit from a mask. Especially during the winter months, your hair is susceptible to drying out and looking dull. That kind of hair is no fit for a goddess! Grab a hair mask and let your hair absorb all those moisturizing ingredients while you sit and relax in the bath. There are hair masks designed for all hair types, including treated and natural hair. If you're suffering with dry and damaged hair, try Maui Moisture's Healing and Hydrating mask which will help restore your hair without breaking the bank.


Bath bombs are a sure way to completely transform your bath and have you feeling like the queen that you are. You can always get some store-bought versions but there are endless bath bomb recipes you can use to make your own. Infuse the bomb with your favorite ingredients such as rose petals for healthier skin, lavender scent to calm your senses, or eucalyptus to help reenergize you. Check out this tutorial for some inspiration:


You don't always have to wait to get out of the bath to moisturize your skin. There are bath bombs and bath oils that you can put into the water that will moisturize your skin during your bath. After you're done with the bath, make sure that you use a lotion that will lock in the moisture into your skin. If you bathed before bedtime, you can use a lotion or oil that has ingredients like lavender which can promote calmness and give you a better night's rest.


What better way to end your bath than stepping into a luxurious robe afterwards? Find a soft, silky robe or a plush, cozy one if you get cold easily, to step into before and after your bath and you'll definitely be feeling like the queen of the skies. And don’t forget to use some soft nice towels. If you want to go the extra mile, throw the towel in your dryer for a few minutes before stepping out of the bath and enjoy staying warm even after you're done bathing.


We hope you try these tips because it's time to treat yourself like the goddess that you are!