For years the relevancy of music videos has been called into question. It used to be that all your favorite songs were released on the radio, then a video, then album buzz and if you liked it all enough you'd go out and buy a physical copy of the album. That model is almost obsolete now. With the growing surge of music platforms, the music you want is right at your fingertips. With the direct access that most fans demand artists are taking additional steps to make sure their videos have staying power.  

With music videos costing more than they potentially make artists and record companies, when they do make a video, it's going to have unique qualities. Done away with simplistic, major artists are pushing the envelope to make music videos with potentially viral moments. From The Carters renting out the Louvre to Drake bringing back the cast of Degrassi. If your music video doesn’t bring a buzz, have an elite never been done aspect, start a dance craze, or put all of our faves in it, it gets lost in translation.  

Here's a list of reasons why Beyonce and Drake, two of the music industry's biggest super stars win music videos. We've come a long way from the days where you had to rush home to turn on 106 & Park or TRL to see the latest videos. 


VisualsThe majority of the weight of music videos is the visual, because well, we've already heard the song. The production level that goes into both Beyonce and Drake videos is always on another level.  


Concept. The storyline of any Drake and Beyonce video is almost always more than what meets the eye. It truly embodies the feel of the song. You can put yourself in the video with them and feel like you're living the song out. 


Location. What can't Beyonce do. We're serious. How does one rent the Louvre. Hello, my husband and I would like to film a video amongst your priceless artwork.  


The Power of Surprise. ''World stop.'' If you don't have an emergency Beyonce fund or alerts for her insta and website, you should. If anyone is coming for our necks with drop of a dime visuals, its Queen Bey.  


Celebrity. At this point I don’t think there's anyone Drake can't get for his music videos. The king of cameos. The heavyweights he's been able to get in videos bring in the buzz you want for a truly iconic video.  


Breaking Ground. Both Drake and Beyonce are constantly introducing someone new. Using their platform to push through new directors, dancers and artists.  


Visual Albums. Beyonce created a new standard. A concept ahead of its time in 2006 with B'day but perfected with the surprise release of Beyonce in 2014. Then she took it to new heights with an HBO exclusive premiere of Lemonade. 


Trending After a viral video by NYC instagram comedian @TheShiggyShow  Drake further cemented his ability to cause a dance craze or dominate the airwaves. Much like Beyonce's Single Ladies back in 2008. 



Longevity. Beyonce  & Drake constantly creates videos that are easily identifiable and transcend time. That still get played in rotation with current music and will for years to come.  

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