Sharee Miller, author and illustrator of children's book Don’t Touch My Hair!, is helping to bridge the gap of misrepresentation of beauty in the black community. Using vibrant illustrations and relatable story lines, Miller creates books and illustrations that celebrate young girls and what it means to have natural hair. In an interview about her book Don’t Touch My Hair!, Miller said, “Kids are visual learners, so I think that is important that they see representations of themselves. After all, kids build ideas of themselves and the world around them based on what they see.” Her books, usually derived from her own experience, empower young girls to stand up for themselves and to love their natural hair.


Don’t Touch My Hair is a book that teaches the importance of others asking for permission to touch Aria’s fluffy curls. It's a great example of teaching young girls to set boundaries and to require respect from others.

From the Book:



Other Illustrations:

Miller’s illustrations are filled with joyful characters doing everyday things, meant to normalize curly hair in daily life. She uses water color, colored pencil and pen to create her masterpieces. 


Since the rise of the natural hair movement, more women have been rocking their natural hair in fros, locs, twist outs, head wraps, and many other styles, all of which are great sources of inspiration for young girls. Sharee Miller’s work is just another source of encouragement for young girls who struggle with accepting their natural hair. These books hold the potential to be the start of young girl's journeys to loving their hair from an early age while making it fun! Check out her books and portfolio at her website for more of her work! Which book or illustration is your favorite? Tell us why @BoxBeautyCo!