Being stuck at home with nowhere to go is definitely enough to start making people go stir crazy. Even though it could initially sound like a nice idea, in reality, it can just start to get boring. When you're bored you might start coming up with some pretty crazy ideas to pass the time. Here's the thing, no matter how bored you are, there's some things you definitely should not do while you're self-isolating. Here are 5 quarantine don'ts to remember while staying at home.


Don't go see loved ones

Facetime? Zoom? Virtual Netflix party? We're all for these things. But physically going to see them? That's a big no-no for obvious reasons. The point of social distancing is to literally put physical distance between you and others. While we know that you miss them, the best thing you can do for them and yourself is to just stay home and connect virtually. Like the saying goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder.


Cut your hair

It's getting to be around that time where you would usually hit up the salon for a maintenance visit or a whole new look. But step away from those scissors! Unless you really know what you're doing, there's a million ways you could mess up and ruin your hair. Are you really prepared to emerge from your home in a few weeks with a horror haircut? That's what we thought.


Check up on your ex

You're scrolling through IG for the 7th time today and then think maybe you can just take a quick peek at your ex's profile to see what they're up to. Stop right there! You already know that's a road you don't want to go down again. That relationship ended for a reason and there's no point in revisiting it in any capacity. Instead, check up on your loved ones or even check up on yourself with some meditation.


Go online shopping

We get it. A little retail therapy might feel like just what you need during this high-stress period. A little purchase here and there won't hurt but with nothing else to do and nowhere to go, it can be easy to shop for hours and rack up the purchases. Even if you’re not too worried about the virus itself, you're not immune to the economic upset. Whether or not you have a job right now, it's definitely a good idea to keep a little more saved up just in case.


Stay in bed all day

A lazy day every once in a while is actually good for you when you're just constantly on the go. But doing it all day every day for weeks on end? That's not good for your either. You need to stimulate your mind and body even when you can't go out. Get up and clean, do some at-home workouts, or even pick up a new hobby. Not only is this good for you, it'll help pass the time sooner and help you not to focus on the anxiety that these times can cause.


While it might feel like there's a whole lot of things you can't do while in quarantine, there's actually just as much, if not more, things that you still can do. We've curated a list of all the things you can do that are stay-at-home friendly. Check them out and let us know on Twitter @boxbeautyco if there's something else we should add to the list!

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