New year new hair! But maybe not. It's day two of the year and for a lot of us, that also means we're dealing with day two hair. Or day 4 or 5 hair…whatever. We know that washing hair too often can cause more harm than good but the closer it gets to wash day, the more your hair tends to show it. So what to do when your hair is looking frizzy, tangled, greasy, and just overall old? Well we're here to give you some inspiration for dealing with second-day, or fifth-day, hair so that you can make it to your next wash day while still looking good.

Out of sight out of mind right? When you're just short on time or the willpower to do something with your hair, simply cover it up. There's so many ways to cover it up that will have you still slaying your look. If your hair is just a straight mess, a headwrap is the perfect way to go. You can go with something simple or get really creative and try a more complex style.

With the cold weather, no one would even question you wearing a cute beret or beanie. If it's not cold enough for you wear a hat, try out a cute headband. The tips of your hair can often get away without looking so old and greasy but they might be more likely to suffer from frizziness. If this is you, spritz some moisturizing product into your hair to refresh those ends.

If they're really uncontrollable, you can sport some cute braids under the hat or headband instead.

You can also add braids or twists without using the headband or hat. To help add extra length, run a blow dryer through your hair before detangling to really loosen up those kinks and then have at it! There are so many easy and cute styles you can go with and no one will have any idea that your hair is due for a wash.

If you have straight or wavy hair, dry shampoo can work well to add back volume to your hair. Of course, dry shampoo doesn't work as well if you have really curly hair but there are ways that you can refresh those curls without having to completely wash it. Wet your hair slightly with a spray bottle making sure that you don't get it too wet. Then apply product all over your hair to tame those curls once again. You don't need to apply a lot of product because you'll already have some from the previous days so you just want enough to hold those refreshed curls again.

Lastly, one of the best ways to extend the time between wash days and still have your hair look good is taking the right steps when you sleep. To prevent your hair from getting shuffled around too much and creating frizz, protect your hair at night by sleeping in a headwrap. If your hair is straighter, you can braid or put you hair up in twisted buns so that you can wake up with soft waves.

By following these tips, you can step into day two or day five with hair that still looks great without a wash!