It seems like every time you log on to the internet, there’s a new dance everyone is trying to learn. It’s always interesting to witness how people add their own personal twist! Before the internet, you could tell where a person was from by the way they danced. However, thanks to technology people from all over the world are trying out the same popular moves. Soulja Boy’s 2008 hit “Crank Dat” is one of the earliest examples of a dance that originated in one city and nearly overnight became a national and international sensation because of Youtube. Over the past decade Hip Hop and Rap have seen various dances come and go, but the dances we’ve listed below are the ones that stuck around for the long haul! 

Dougie (2010)

Cat Daddy (2011)

Beef It Up (2011)

Shmoney Dance (2014)

Milly Rock (2014)

Dab (2015)

Whip + Nae Nae (2015)

Hit Them Folks (2015)

Shoot (2017)

Woah! (2018)