Natural hair for the win! You'll usually catch Cardi B rocking a wig but don't let that fool you. Underneath her wigs, the megastar has some serious inches. Just this week, the rapper went on Instagram to show off her long natural hair and share some excellent hair health advice.


On Monday, Cardi told her fans, "All the good things that you put in your body, you gotta put in your hair," and she's right! Just like you need to care for and nourish your body, your hair needs the same TLC. That's why using a hair mask is a must to maintain strong, healthy hair. You can even use the exact DIY hair mask that Cardi uses on herself and little Kulture's curls.


To make it yourself, grab a small bowl and mix together some fresh avocados, mayonnaise, avocado oil, and argan oil. That's it! We love Cardi's DIY hair mask because it's so easy to make with just 4 simple ingredients and each one is known to work wonders for your hair. And avocado isn't just great for hair, it's also great for skin.


While showing off the end results of using the mask, Cardi also gave out another great tip for growing your hair: wear wigs! This is because wearing wigs allows you to cut down on the amount of heat and manipulation that you apply to your natural hair which are some of the biggest factors in stunting hair growth and causing damage. On top of that, wigs are just fun to wear! Read this if you want to step your wig game up.


Cardi B really is a natural hair queen!