Who else remembers Zendaya dancing her heart out on Disney a few years ago? Now she's got a major role in the Spider-Man franchise, an HBO show coming out, is producing her own movie, has designed an entire collection for Tommy Hilfiger, and is the new face of Lancome. Given all the things she's accomplished, it's hard to believe it's only been 6 years since her Disney days. But it's time to face it: our little baby is all grown up. And she's stayed booked and busy.

Even with a full schedule, Zendaya is on top of her style game. From the red carpet to the streets, the former Disney star pulls off lewks time after time securing her spot as a must-watch fashion icon. Her confident, trendy, successful, and easy-going demeanor makes her a poster girl for the classic cool girl with the style to match. It's that effortless-but-always-chic vibe that draws so many people in and Zendaya has mastered it perfectly.

It's not surprising that so many people want to channel her vibe but the cool girl style can be tricky to pull off if you don't know what you're doing.

Luckily though, it's not as hard to accomplish as you would think. With these three pointers inspired by Zendaya, you'll be on your way to mastering the style before you know it.


It's a balancing act.

Glam and casual, tailored and loose, feminine and masculine. The secret to looking effortlessly chic lies in striking the perfect balance between two opposites, a craft that Zendaya has perfected. This basically means that even when you're going for a casual look, you want to incorporate something glam or vice versa. Or you can mix something fitted with something more baggy, etc. It can be anything from an article of clothing to an accessory or to your hair.

For example, stepping out in a jumpsuit usually wouldn't spell "dressed up" but paired with a trench coat, pointed heels and a statement lip, the look is completely transformed.


Put it in practice: Take a floral dress and straw purse which are both more formal and feminine and pair them with clunky sneakers which are much more masculine and casual.



Staple pieces are your best friend.

Just like a staple can hold two pieces of paper together, a staple piece in your outfit can bring all the elements together for the perfect effortless look. These timeless pieces complement trendier add-ons without having you look over-the-top.

Here, Zendaya paired a regular white button up with a trendier silver skirt and strappy heels.


Put it in practice: Take staple pieces like a white button-up and black tank top and pair it with trending pieces like knee high boots and a wrap belt and small purse.



Don't overlook the details.

Adding in the right details can be the difference between meh and wow. Never forget to consider the smaller things like accessories or shoes because they can be the key to transforming a whole look. A casual look can turn street style iconic by throwing on some heels or adding the right kind of bling.

Take this outfit as example. By adding heels and a statement necklace, the basketball jersey and ripped jeans now look chic rather than just sportsy.


Put it in practice: Pair a casual t-shirt and wrap skirt with chic accessories like statement rings and heels with socks.


And there you have it! With these tips, the unattainable style of the effortlessly cool-girl just became easy to master.