Now that we've stepped into 2019, there are lot of things to look forward to. New attitudes, new planners, and most importantly, new music. It seems like almost all the top artists have promised an album and honestly it's kind of hard to keep track, especially when there's not a lot of specifics on some of these albums. But we can't help getting excited at the idea of new music by our favorite artists. So in honor of our favs, here's a list of the most anticipated, (or at least wished for?) albums of 2019.



Is this list even legitimate if we don't include her? Her last album dropped back in 2016 and since then, we've waited impatiently for news of the next album. Back in December, she casually let it drop that 2019 is finally the year we'll be getting her new album, although she didn't say exactly when. Here's to hoping she's not waiting until December 2019.



Supposedly we were supposed to get a new album before the end of 2018 but New Years came and went and no album was in sight. Still, Solange did confirm that it's coming although, again, it's not very clear when. What we do know from Solange: it's going to "make your trunk rattle." We can't wait.


Kanye West

Oh, Kanye. He promised an album many times last year but then kept pushing back the date to so he could rework it. We think by now he's stopped promising a certain date (smart) but it's supposed to come this year. Like the saying goes, you can't rush perfection?


Ariana Grande

She's barely started touring for her current album, Sweetner but apparently she's already finished her follow up. It's named thank u, next just like her song that's an ode to exes everywhere. We don't know when she'll decide to come out with it but she has started dropping songs from it. The latest will be '7 Rings' which comes out next Friday.


Frank Ocean

Remember when he opened his Instagram to the public? People have been wildly speculating that it was signaling a new album although no official announcement has been made. Still, he's teased some new music on his Insta since then so we can all hope that the album will come soon.



Yet another artist who promised an album that hasn't come yet. Granted, he had a lot going on in his personal life *cough* Cardi leaving him *cough* but the album is supposedly done and ready to go. At this point it's just a waiting game to see when he'll finally let us have it.


Cardi B

Speaking of Cardi, the new mommy confirmed a new album would come out this year, "hopefully…around the same time that Invasion of Privacy came out." The album came out in April of last year which is only a few months away so hopefully she won't be too busy to make that deadline.


Post Malone

Last year, Posty had said that he wanted to give us new music by the end of 2018. Technically he came through with it, giving us his latest single, "Wow" shortly before New Years Eve but many fans believe that an entire album will come out within this year.


2 Chainz

He announced in February of last year that an album called Rap or Go to the League would come out in 2018. Surprise surprise, it didn't. But he has put out new music since then and if he had made plans to drop an album last year, there's a good chance that this is the year when he does.