When's the last time you changed up your hair? If you can't even remember, then girl, it's time you do! With the stress of the holiday season behind us, now is the perfect time to refresh with a fresh new look. Stars have already taken this time to change up their own hair color and their transformations are enough to get anyone tempted to go through their own transformation. Whether you choose a drastic transformation or a subtle update, changing up your hair color can have a way of making you feel like a new person. But with endless options out there, what color should you choose? Check out these 5 hair colors that you should definitely try in 2020.


Cinnamon Red

Cinnamon red hair is ideal if you want to have a trendy shade all year long. From winter to summer, this color will look great throughout every season.



Caramel Crush

Add warmth to your hair with a caramel blonde style. It will add depth and dimension and is the perfect way to go for someone who's looking for something on the more subtle side.



Bold Yellow

Looking for something bolder? Turn all the heads by going with a vibrant yellow shade. Vibrant colors will be in this season so if you want to stay on top of the trends, then this will be the color to try.


Icy Cool 

While we're in the middle of the winter season, an icy blonde transformation would look absolutely perfect. This look screams fierce!


Sultry Maroon 

If you like to stick with darker colors, then a sultry maroon shade is the color for you. Maroon strikes the perfect balance between subtle and drastic.

So what color are you going to try? Show us your transformation for a chance to be featured!