With Spring and Summer quickly approaching, we have to take extra precautions to maintain the moisture within our hair. One great way to do that is by drinking coconut water and incorporating it into your natural hair care routine! Coconut water is rich in minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes, which is good for your overall health! In terms of hair, it promotes growth and strength. There are so many health additional benefits of coconut water but we’ve listed the major ones below! 

Maintains PH level of hair

Thanks to the electrolytes in unsweetened coconut water, consumption helps to balance the pH levels of your hair. This is especially important for moisture and natural oil retention, which helps to prevent breakage and promote hair growth. 

Shiny Hair

For shinier hair, you can mix two cups of coconut water with a half cup of apple cider vinegar and use it as a pre-poo or deep treatment conditioner. Comb through and let the mixture sit on both your hair for five minutes before washing it out with cool water. 


Hair Growth 

Because coconut water is loaded with potassium and protein, it is the perfect combination for growth and anti-breakage. Our hair is mostly made up of protein, so it definitely helps that coconut water is packed with amino acids (acids that make up protein). On the other hand, a lack of potassium can cause hair loss -- and coconut water is loaded with it!


If you’re not fond of the taste or just want to see how a coconut water rinsing is done, here’s a video to help you start adding coconut water to your natural hair routine!