After a lot of rumors and anticipation, Netflix finally released their innovative and long awaited project, Black Mirror Bandersnatch. When the trailer first came out, it had answered some fan questions regarding what it would be about but it still left a lot of unanswered questions hanging, mainly about whether or not it was actually going to have the choose-your-own-adventure format that had been initially reported.

The trailer boasted taglines such as "Change your past, change your present, change your future" and "You are not in control" which is a play on the fact that we actually would be given control of the story line and be able to change it how we want. Although audiences in the east coast had to wait until 3am to experience it, the first reactions to the movie were promising.

The movie is like the modern, more technological, version of the choose-your-own-adventure books from childhood. At each point, you're left to decide what the character should do and whatever choice, or nonchoice, you make, the movie seamlessly flows into it. People are having fun making decisions and seeing how that choice plays out, even when the outcome doesn't seem to be a very good one. If the movie leaves you in the choosing-your-story mood, then we have something more important for which you can "choose your adventure." New Years resolutions! The new year is just days away which means it's time to decide on your resolution for the upcoming year. We know. It seems a little pointless to make another resolution especially when you only seem to stick to them for a few months before falling back into old habits. But we want to help you turn that around and make it so that 2019 is truly the year when you finally conquer your goals.


In order to make this happen you need to choose your resolution wisely. While the whole point of a resolution is to change a bad habit into something positive for yourself, you can't expect to make a drastic change overnight. This is usually what makes so many people abandon their resolutions. For example, if your resolution is to lose weight, then you might be tempted to all of a sudden hit the gym every single day and eat a very restrictive diet. But this is exactly why you'll likely fall of the wagon almost as quickly as you got on it. Going to the gym and a daily strict diet is asking for a lot, especially when you've built an entire lifestyle that has never included that before. So one big key in choosing, and more importantly, maintaining your resolution is starting slow. If you want to get fit, start by making it your goal to hit the gym twice a week instead of every day. Instead of choosing to learn 5 new languages, aim for just one. Then, when you hit that target, move on to the next.


This leads us into the next tip for choosing your resolution: be specific. Being specific makes it a lot easier to stick to a goal because you actually have something to aim for. Rather than choosing to be more fit, specify what exactly you mean by that. When you have specifics laid out in front of you, it all seems less overwhelming because you'll have a better idea of what it is you actually want which means you can better plan on how to actually achieve it. Do you want to get fit? Well then decide what that means to you. "I want to be more fit by going to the gym x amount of times a week and doing an outdoor activity at least twice a month." Boom. Now that's a resolution.


And now that you know what exactly it is that you want, you can make an action plan. When you just leave it all up in the air, it's easy to get lazy or caught up in other things that come up in life. Instead, create deadlines or benchmarks for yourself so that you can track your progress. You can go by specific deadlines like "by the end of March, I'll have accomplished x." Or go with benchmarks like, "once I've been able to do this, then I can start on the next step." Setting this up for yourself will make it easier to hold yourself accountable.


Speaking of accountability, it can help to have someone else work with you to accomplish your goal. It can be a friend that also becomes your workout buddy or a teacher that will hold you accountable for learning that new language, etc. If you really want to raise the stakes, sharing your goal on social media can be a really good motivator because then literally everyone will be aware of your goal and whether or not you accomplish it.


Of course, an accountability partner or audience should only be used to help you accomplish a goal that you truly want for yourself rather than one they've decided you should do. If you're only losing weight because your significant other wants you to lose it, then your chances of accomplishing that resolution are zero to none. If you're only wanting to learn a new language because your boss or teacher says it's going to improve your employment or school options, then you're not likely to actually learn it. Make sure that you're choosing your resolution because it's something that you actually feel passionate about. It's a lot easier to stick to something that speaks to you instead of something that just feels like an obligation by someone else.


By taking these tips into consideration, you can feel good that your new years resolution will be the best "adventure" you could choose for 2019!