For those of us with an inner dark soul, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina really speaks to our ideal aesthetic. It's sultry, dark, and always just a tad bit creepy. With the newest season finally out on Netflix, we thought it'd be the perfect time to show you how to channel your inner chilling adventures!

The show has introduced a bunch of iconic new characters to the world, including the queens of darkness, the Weird Sisters. One of the things that made them so iconic was their amazing dark smokey makeup. And just because Halloween is long past doesn't mean you have to put away the dark eye shadow and liner. A smokey eye can make for a perfect sultry, holiday look. Pairing it with a dark lip will create a chic look or you can pair it with Sabrina's red lip for a more classic, but still chilling combo.



For your next party or outing, you can also channel that retro, spooky aesthetic from the show.

Prudence's Feast of Feasts look is great inspiration for your next night out. The champagne color will make you look regal but the vintage embroidery helps channel all the dark vibes.


The red coat that Sabrina wears is perfect for the cold season and you can pair it with a plaid skirt that fits right in with the old-fashioned era of the show.


If the weird sisters are more your style, their signature cute-but-dangerous take on the school girl look can be a perfect fit for the season.


What says winter more than all white? Even Sabrina and the coven need to get festive and their all-white outfits are the perfect look for the winter.


Harvey might not be too worried about his fashion choices on the show but he also serves as some great inspo. A leather jacket with some faux sheepskin is not only classic Harvey but also perfect for these cold temperatures.


If you've been using The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for your style inspiration, there's no reason to stop now! Even though the dark and gloomy show was perfect for the spooky season, there's never a bad time to watch the series. And just like the show, there's never a bad time to channel your inner Sabrina.


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