Carnival Vibes: Hair 

If you didn’t know, the BIGGEST carnival of the year is almost here. People travel all over the world to experience the non-stop celebration of Trinidad carnival! For those who don’t know what Trinidad carnival is, it is their way of partying and celebrating before sacrificing for Lent. Think of it as the equal to New Orleans “Mardi Gras,” which is always the Tuesday before Lent. 

If you’re going, you probably have everything packed and in order. If you don’t at least have your hairstyle figured out, we came up with a list of cute hairstyles to get you through Carnival week. Check them out below: 


You can’t go wrong with braids. Especially because you’re guaranteed to get wet during the festivities, might as well protect your beautiful hair!

A Ponytail

Ponytails may not be as “fete-friendly” because they’re a little high maintenance but they sure are cute! 


We love afros and twist outs, but going to carnival with your natural hair is a brave and bold move. Why? Because of all of the heat, water, and paint your hair can be exposed to! Regardless, many carnival babes still wear their natural hair out and still look super cute doing it!

If you already have your carnival hair done, share your picture with us on Twitter at @BoxBeautyCo!