There was a time where it was as simple as single or in a relationship but now social media has ushered in a whole new culture to dating. If you've ever heard or seen someone's relationship status as "it's complicated" or maybe that's been you, then you probably know how weird and confusing it can be to try to date someone in the 21st century. Don’t worry, you're not alone. It's still possible to find THE one but first you might encounter some of these situationships. And in case you don't know what a situationship is, it's literally what everyone in a "it's complicated" status is. You're with someone but not really so you're only kind of single…yeah we know it's weird. And now there's basically a name for all the specific situationships you could be in. Props to whoever came up with names to all of these. It definitely wasn't us but we will list them all out for you.


Pocketing - This is when the person you're dating won't introduce you to their friends or family despite being together for a while. They're keeping you "in their pocket" until they decide how they feel about you.


U-turning - Do you ever start dating someone and like them immensely…and then shortly after you find out something about them that's a huge deal breaker and makes you immediately end things? That's a U-turn.


E-maintaining/Breadcrumbing - These two terms mean the same thing. Basically it's when someone is stringing you along by hitting you up just often enough so that you can't forget about them but not often enough to actually have anything serious with them.


Caking - Simply put, it means to flirt.


Benching - Dating one person until you find someone you think you might like more, then you put a pause on things with the first one i.e. you're putting them on the "bench" until you figure out how you feel about the new person.


Next On Deck - Similar to benching although you don't necessarily have a relationship with them before finding someone else. You think you could have something with them but you're going to see how things go with your first choice and then turn to them if things fall through.


Daterview - The point of a date is get to know the other person better but the process should happen organically. When the date just feels like it's an interview instead of having actual conversations, you've just been on a daterview.


Orbiting/Haunting - This is when someone you were talking to/dating suddenly disappears on you without an explanation but they still watch your Snapchat and Instagram stories and like your posts. It's like ghosting only more annoying.

Slow Fade - You notice that the calls, texts, dates, etc. have increasingly become more sparse and if you let it, eventually they might just stop altogether. It's like the slow version of ghosting.


Scrooging - When you break up with someone right before a holiday or other event that would require you to spend money on them because you don't want to spend said money on them.

Vulturing - This is when someone notices that their crush's relationship is about to end so they stick around so they can swoop in as soon as the relationship is dead, like a vulture that picks at something that's dead. Get it? Okay.

Instagrandstanding - Do you or someone you know tailor your Instagram feed to appeal to a specific person in the hopes that it'll gain their attention more? That's Instagrandstanding.

Grande-ing - Yep this is referencing Ariana Grande. Specifically it's referencing her hit single "thank u next" which is the new anthem for when a relationship ends. Instead of being bitter and petty about it, you leave the relationship with positivity and grace and just keep it moving.


HSAY - "How Single Are You?" Honestly, in this day and age this should be the first thing you always ask a new prospective partner because "Are you single?" just isn't specific enough. Someone could technically be single but still have something going on with someone else so if you don't want to be blindsided down the road, it's a good idea to hit them with a HSAY?


Yeah there's a lot of terms out there but don't get overwhelmed. Despite what people like to say the dating world isn't completely changed and it's not always so complicated. If anything, learning all these terms can help you better avoid the ones you don't want to deal with. And before you know it, you'll be able to laugh off all these terms with your significant other!


Had you heard of any of these before? What are some other terms you know about? Tell us! @boxbeautyco