As the world continues to deal with the pandemic, face masks have become commonplace pretty much anywhere you go. Currently, the CDC recommends wearing them out in public to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and luckily the supply has finally started catching up to the huge increase in demand. It's easier now than ever to find suppliers of face masks and not just that, the selection has expanded to include some really cute and fashionable options.



Unfortunately, the increased use of face masks has also brought with it a new problem for many: maskne, aka acne caused by face masks. The nickname may be cute but let's be real, the issue is definitely not. So what are your options if you're experiencing maskne? Luckily there's some things you can do to alleviate the problem.


You don't want a mask trapping heat and humidity around your face since these two factors stimulate your skin to increase oil production. Your best bet to fight this is using breathable fabric that's also soft to reduce both heat and friction that can further irritate your skin.


Washing your face should already be part of your daily skin routine but it's even more important to stay on top of this step if you're suffering from maskne. Wash your face right before putting on the mask so any old dirt and bacteria won't be trapped on your skin all day and then wash it again after you take off the mask to remove anything that was collected throughout the day.



Just as important as washing your face is washing your mask. Even if you're diligent about washing your skin, your mask will transfer any old bacteria or oil back onto your skin if it's not also cleaned. For best practice, you should wash your mask on a daily basis. If that's too often for you, then alternate masks throughout the week so you're still using a clean mask every time.



We hate to break it to you but right now might not be the best time to wear a full face of makeup. The added friction from the mask will push that makeup deeper into your pores and make it more likely that they'll get clogged. Read this for tips on how to perfect your no-makeup look. You should also avoid using any other heavy products as these all carry the same risk of clogging your pores.



After these last few months of social distancing you might be tempted to go out as much as possible now that most states have lifted or reduced their lockdowns but not so fast. If you're suffering from maskne, it's still a good idea to keep your outings at a minimum so you can reduce the amount of times that you need to have a mask on. Simply put, the less you have to use your mask, the better for your skin.


By following these tips, you can put your maskne worries behind!