It’s time for us to officially introduce ourselves! is the online home for thousands of multicultural and ethnic beauty products and tools. Our online exclusive shop allows us to deliver amazing prices on the latest products. No more bouncing from place to place to get everything you need! Our constantly evolving catalog includes a large variety of brands and unique products for all genders.

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We’ve designed a site that will serve as the perfect vehicle to deliver everyday favorites directly to your front door. Take a quick look at our catalog and you’ll see the variety of options from the brands you love at prices that can’t be beat. Barber tools, heated styling tools, spa tools, we offer salon quality at the click of a button. will be a unique shopping experience that goes well beyond a simple purchase. Our blog and Instagram offer a deep dive into inspo and style, consistently providing everything you need to explore experiment and enjoy your items.

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We gave a lot of thought to how and when to launch and the perfect opportunity presented itself in the form of the legendary Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show. Easily the largest multi-cultural beauty show in the country. With an annual average of more than 30,000 Beauty Professionals and 300 exhibitors, the larger than life show needed a few adjustments to be Covid-19 friendly. The solution is catapulting the beauty industry into the future. The 2020 Bronner Brother’s show will be virtual-- think The Sims. Live virtual booths will be available for you to browse as if you were actually on the exhibition floor from any mobile device or desktop.


This virtual show is the first of its kind. We could not have asked for a better place to launch our site!