Stop! Step away from the trash can and put those false lashes back in your makeup collection. Why? Because there's a good chance those falsies still have a lot of life left in them, even if you've already used them. Most false eyelashes, no matter how much or how little they cost, are actually reusable.

Now we get it if this fact is being met with skepticism but you'd be surprised how long they can actually last when taken care of properly. The most important thing to stay on top of is giving them a good cleaning between uses. Today, let's go over how to clean your lashes so that you can keep reusing them!


Using a small dish, pour enough oil-free makeup remover or brush cleaner to cover the entire lash. We recommend micellar water since this targets dirt and makeup and breaks it down without harming the lash itself. You want to let the lashes soak for about 10-20 minutes to allow the makeup remover to break down and loosen the old makeup and lash glue. The tips of mink lashes can lose their shape if soaked in remover so if you're cleaning a set of these, use a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover to soak the band and base of the lashes instead of putting them directly in the solution.



Once they've had a chance to soak, you can start removing the leftover makeup on them. Laying them flat on a paper towel, hold the falsies along the lash band and use cotton swabs to gently wipe off the makeup from the lashes. Remember to always wipe away from the lash band and never towards it as this can bend and damage the lashes.



The lash glue will have loosened up a good bit thanks to the soaking and should be pretty easy to remove at this point. Hold the lashes and carefully remove the glue using tweezers, a cotton swab, or your fingers, whatever feels most comfortable. To prevent your lashes from getting damaged during this step, make sure to hold the lashes as close as possible to the band and to the area where you'll be pulling off the glue.



Once you've successfully removed the lash glue, give the lashes one final wipe down with a cotton swab to pick up any remaining makeup. You can also use a spoolie to separate and reshape the individual lashes that might have been clumped together.  Again, always wipe outward away from the lash band and never toward it!



Congratulations! You've successfully cleaned you lashes and now all you need to do is let them air dry. Never rub and squeeze them dry as this could also damage them. The best way to store them once they've dried is putting them back into the package they came in since the tray they came on will help them maintain their shape and protect them.


No matter how big or bold the falsies are, they still require you to be patient and clean them with delicacy. If you follow these steps when cleaning your lashes, then you'll be able to keep slaying the same set for weeks or maybe even months!


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