The millennium tour is in full swing, the Jonas Brothers are back together, Miley Cyrus is sporting Hannah Montana hair…what year are we in? We know we're not the only ones getting some major nostalgia lately with all the recent throwbacks. Experts say that millennials might have more intense nostalgia than any other generation because we've seen such a drastic change in society thanks to the advances in technology. Looking back is like looking into a whole other world. We didn't have social media or even phones when we were growing up. But in just a decade's time, society has been completely changed. We're the last generation whose childhood wasn't captured via phones. Yikes.

It's no wonder we long for our childhoods. Back when we weren't swimming in debt from school and bombarded with horrible world news on our phones 24/7.

So now 90s and 2000s everything is making a comeback. Motorola is updating and revamping the iconic RAZR, music groups from the 2000s are reuniting, and of course 90s fashion is back and better than ever. And honestly we're not mad.

So check out all these blasts from the past and how you can use them again.


Marble Hair Ties

Back in the day you knew that if you wanted your ponytail, or pigtails, snatched then these marble hair ties were going to get the job done. Classic, colorful, and cute.


Zigzag Headbands

Yeah this headband kept the hair out of your face but it wasn't just any headband. It was special. Because it made that cool little pattern in your hair.


Butterfly Clips

If you were an it girl, you had these. And the more you had or the more sparkly they were, the badder you were. But honestly, they were also nice for keeping those 5 strands of hair out of your face.


Front Highlights

Spice girls where you at?! Ginger Spice's iconic front highlight took the world by storm in the mid 90s. A version of them have been around for a minute with more subtle highlights but now they are back in their true, boldest form.


Snap Clips

Looks clips of all kinds were big back in the 90s and 2000s okay? Instead of trying to secure all your hair with hidden bobby pins, snap clips were the default. And unlike bobby pins, the more they stood out the better.


High Ponytail + Scrunchies

If you were going to put your hair up, the higher up on your head the better. And a big ole scrunchie was the cherry on top. Even if you had short hair, the half up half down look was very in.


Crimped Hair

Usually when you style your hair, you don't want your heating tool to leave weird crimps in it. But back then, we all embraced crimping. When done right, it actually looks good.


Of course, all that nostalgia shouldn't blind us from the dark side of 90s and 2000s hair because there definitely is one. These styles were popular back then and we hope they stay there because it really just isn't a lewk.  The first style we need to maintain as just a memory is stringy curls. If you're going to curl your hair, it deserves to be brushed out afterwards. Next is the mixed texture hairstyle where you straightened and curled/crimped your hair at the same time. It just looks like you didn't have time to finish doing your hair. And last is the spiky updos. Why we all thought it was cute to have our hair sticking out in all directions is a mystery best left unsolved.


If you're considering bringing one of these styles back, here's some advice from 90s basketball icon Michael Jordan.