In case you didn't already know, Germany loves beer. A lot. So much so, that every year they hold a celebration in honor of the drink. They celebrate through a festival called Oktoberfest which attracts millions of visitors every year and is a 200-year-old tradition in the country. The celebration has grown so big that it's even spread to other places around the globe including China, Australia, Canada, and the U.S.. Although the festivals in those places are pretty big, none match up to the original Oktoberfest in Germany which holds the title as the world's largest festival dedicated to beer.

Now we get it if this fun fact doesn't move you to hop on the first plane to Munich to join the beer fest. But whether or not beer is actually your thing, don't be so quick to pass up on everything related to the bubbly drink. One of the most common base ingredients in beer is a grain called barley which can actually be really great for you. Barley contains a ton of nutrients that can work to improve your physical health and appearance. And the best part about it is that you don't need to consume beer to reap its benefits.


Beer's Little Secret 

Barley can be an excellent option for fighting some of the most common skin concerns. No matter how old you are, you're never too young or too old to think about ways to combat signs of aging. Selenium is a mineral that's great for addressing that issue because it maintains skin elasticity which is key for preventing fine lines and wrinkles. The mineral also helps fight off free radical agents which are known to cause skin aging. Barley is rich in this mineral which means using it can help take years off your looks. A study from Korea also suggests that drinking barley water is very effective in keeping your skin hydrated, and hydrated skin equals youthful, wrinkle-free skin.

If acne is your concern, barley can help too! It contains an acid called azelaic acid which is anti-inflammatory. This property helps reduce acne and treat clogged pores. By grinding the grain up and adding water to turn it into a past, it can gently exfoliate your skin and keep those facial oils under control. For acne scars or just overall dullness in your skin, using barley can improve the issue. Barley can promote faster healing because it is high in zinc which is proven to speed up the healing process. Washing with barley can also brighten the skin tone and get you glowing.

Barley isn't just great for your skin though, it's also great for hair. Barley grass powder has many nutrients, including iron and Vitamin B complex, which promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Another one of its nutrients is copper which is vital to restoring and producing your original hair color.


Beer's Little Secret 

As if all those benefits aren't enough, barley also improves other aspects of your health. You can strengthen your bones and teeth by drinking barley juice because it contains high levels of calcium and Vitamin C which vastly help maintain tooth and bone health.

Not only that, barley can also give you better cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Another thing it can lower is blood sugar levels which means it's great for managing diabetes. If you're anemic, barley can help you manage that too because it's rich in iron, which is necessary for producing red blood cells.

Now that fall has started, flu season is right around the corner. But all the nutrients in barley mean that you would strengthen your immune system so that you could stay flu and cold free this year. Is reducing your risk of getting the flu not high stakes enough? What about cancer? That's right. Barley contains all sorts of properties and vitamins, such as chlorophyll and vitamin B, that boost intestinal health, detoxify the body, and destroy cancer cells.

Just wait though, we're still not done. Being that barley is a grain, it is extremely rich in fiber. What does that mean for you? It means you'll have better digestion and less constipation. On top of that, it can help reduce pain from arthritis because barley's soluble fiber has been shown to reduce the swelling and inflammation caused by the disease. Though a less common concern, gallstones can be very painful but also avoided with the help of the fiber in barley.

Lastly, despite being packed with all these nutrients, including protein, barley is low in calories which means that it's a great addition to your diet if you want to manage your weight.


That's a lot of benefits for one food! It's surprising that more people don't know about all that barley has to offer other than beer but luckily, now you’re in the know. That’s worth raising a beer, or some barley juice, to!


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Beer's Little Secret