So, you've finally gotten the beard you deserve. A beard to be noticed for. You're officially someone's #MCM and #BeardBae. Now to protect it. Keeping up a beard can be really high maintenance. You have to keep it trimmed, shaped, clean, and moisturized. We have the tools ready. 7 steps for your perfect beard routine.  


Wash. This is not only for your beard. You have to take the extra steps to make sure your skin is well cared for as well. Cleanse and exfoliate your skin regularly. 


Condition. Your beard needs its due nutrients and a good conditioner will soften your beard. 


Oil. A healthy shine is the expectation for a healthy beard. Keeping your beard well oiled means its hydrated. 


Disinfect. It can only be expected that your beard can get messy. Food and other debris can easily get trapped inside so its not enough to only clean your beard you'll need a good beard balm to disinfect it as well.  


Brush. Dentangle and brush your beard out so that you train the hair to stay in the direction and shape you want. 


Trim. Grooming is the biggest part of having your best beard. Keeping your beard neat and even is one of the biggest keys because it normally is the first thing someone notices.  


Moisturize. Hydrate your beard. We can't stress enough the role that moisturizing plays in your beard goals.  


Now you're ready.  

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