Vacation season is in full swing which means it's time to say hello to sun, sand, and water. But whether you're going to the beach or hitting a pool, there's one other thing you could be saying hello to that we know you could do without: hair damage. While a beach or pool trip can be great for your overall sanity and peace, it also means exposing your hair to some pretty damaging elements like saltwater and chlorine both of which can really dry out your hair. Just because you're on vacation, doesn't mean those harsh environmental elements are too! But that doesn't need to put a damper on your much needed break! With just a few quick tips, you can make sure that your hair stays looking and feeling its best while you're out having fun in the sun.



Before even hitting the beach or pool, apply a generous amount of deep conditioner or oil all over your hair making sure to cover every strand. Because salt and chlorine are both extremely drying agents, you want to battle the effect as much as possible beforehand. The treatment will work best the day or night before you head off so that your hair has enough time to really soak in all that moisturizing goodness.

Notice we said to condition your hair beforehand and not wash it. That's for a reason! The buildup of natural oils and sweat can work as an additional layer of protection against the elements, preventing them from fully penetrating your luscious locks and wreaking havoc. It's best to save fully washing your hair until after you've hit the beach or pool.



While Swimming

To continue protecting your hair as much as possible, get your hair completely wet a few minutes before going for a swim. Wet hair will soak up less saltwater and chlorine than dry hair will so don't skip this step. For added protection, mix in oil with your water to add one last solid layer of protection against the elements. Alternatively, add leave-in conditioner before wetting your hair and going for a swim.

Detangling your hair is time-consuming enough as it is and can take even longer after it gets tangled up from swimming. If you want to decrease detangling time, braid or twist your hair before hitting the water. This can also help decrease the amount of salt or pool chemicals that are exposed to your hair.




The longer the elements sit in your hair, the more they will be absorbed into the strands. For this reason, you want to rinse your hair as soon you can after you've left the beach or pool to prevent them from binding to your locks. If you hit the pool, consider using a clarifying shampoo or DIY recipe to remove the chlorine which can leave your hair looking dull and feeling sticky. If you have extremely dry hair, consider co-washing instead to restore as much moisture as possible without stripping your hair of even more oils. Check out this article to learn more about co-washing.

The last step is to add a deep conditioning treatment into your regular wash day routine after your trip. This is especially important if you're going to be a regular at the beach or pool this season. Your hair will need to restore its nutrients and moisture as much as possible and the right treatment can help it do just that.


Healthy hair does take some extra but it's worth taking a few extra steps even during a vacation if it means having gorgeous hair the rest of the year!