This super fruit has a lot more going for it than guacamole. Rich with healthy fat, antioxidants and over twenty vitamins and minerals. They are truly Mother nature's gift to us. Avocados contain high concentrations of B and E vitamins, which are essential for hair health and growth.  

Adding avocado to your pre-poo mix can result in softer, stronger hair, as well as eliminate frizz and dry scalp. They also are deeply penetrating and can hydrate and soften skin. The same way you pre-poo your hair you can do an entire body mask using avocado with honey, olive, or coconut oil. a mix of the two or even all 3 will leave your skin feeling baby soft. Here's a few hacks & tutorials of ways to us Avocado for your 



There's a world of recipes out there just waiting for you to make an avocado all that we know it can be. For the less DIY-inclined among us in the ethnic beauty world, you can try 2chic's Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Shampoo it's full of all the same vitamins and nutrients with out the extra work. Whether you use some from the video, one you found online or ones you created yourself, hashtag #boxbeauty so that we can see your results!