China isn’t technically considered an empire anymore but its culture and practices have managed to span thousands of years. In fact, it's so old that it's actually one of the world's four ancient civilizations.

The ancient Chinese are most notably considered wise thanks to their contribution to technological advancement and philosophy but they were also some of the firsts to incorporate beauty regimes into their lives. Some of the earliest accounts of makeup and skin routines date back to 3,000 years ago in China. While plenty of things have changed since then, some of those practices are still around today and with good reason. Check out these 5 ancient Chinese beauty tips that can help step up your game.


The Jade Roller

While jade rollers have only recently picked up popularity in the West, those in China have used and known about their benefits for centuries. Jade was once known as the "stone of heaven" and was believed to promote healing and protection along with wisdom and balance. In beauty, the stone's naturally cool property can help eliminate puffiness and toxins from your face. By massaging the roller along your entire face, you can also ease muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation which can help your skin appear more radiant and youthful.


Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese medicine has been built around the use of herbs for healing but some of these herbs are also believed to provide beauty benefits. Amongst the hundreds of herbs, three great additions to your skin regime are Bei Qi which helps clear acne, Huang Qi which revitalizes tired skin, and Goji which fights against aging. The best part is that you can get these benefits from using them topically, just make sure to patch test beforehand.


Rice Water

The Chinese have used rice water for hundreds of years because it works wonders on both your hair and skin. When used as a facial toner, the vitamins and minerals in rice water will help tighten skin, shrink pores, and reduce acne. As a hair rinse, the nutrients in the water will feed your hair making it stronger and help prevent split ends. It also soothes dry scalps and reduces dandruff and a healthy scalp means less hair loss.


Avoiding the Sun

The practice of avoiding sun exposure is a centuries-old habit in China and the results can speak for themselves. If you have darker skin, you might think you're safe to sunbathe for hours without any protection but you really aren't. For one, anyone can get skin cancer no matter their skin tone. And if that doesn't worry you, the sun will also weaken your skin's firmness and dry it out which will kickstart premature aging and can irritate acne. Adopting the Chinese habit of avoiding the sun, or at the very least always using sunscreen, can make a bigger difference than any miracle cream can promise.



If you haven't tried a turmeric face mask, then you're missing out. Women in ancient China would use these in face masks constantly because turmeric can help reduce wrinkles, even your skin tone, and fight acne. While there are plenty of products that incorporate the ingredient, it's also a perfect opportunity to make a DIY version.


These beauty practices date back thousands of years and the fact that they're still around today really makes you think. Their staying power alone just goes to show that they're definite must-trys in your beauty regime!


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