Thirsty anyone? If you were at the Golden Globes last night, then Fiji Water would have had you covered. Even with all the star power on the red carpet, a girl serving guests Fiji Water really became the star of the show. Her name is Kelleth Cuthbert, better known as the Fiji Water Girl, who spent her time at the Golden Globes photobombing as many celebrity pictures as she could with her tray of Fiji water bottles.

Fiji hired Kelleth, who's a model, to make sure that all the guests arriving at the Golden Globes stayed hydrated and that's exactly what she did. You might not be able to have Fiji water waiting for you wherever you go but you can still make sure you're always keeping yourself hydrated.

While we all know the benefits of drinking water to look and feel your best, few people know how else you can keep your skin and hair hydrated and many might even be doing things that are drying them out. One of the biggest mistakes happens right after you've showered. You may not have ever thought about it, but your post shower routine is actually pretty important. Although your routine doesn't have to be super complicated and drawn out, there are a few steps you should be taking to ensure your hair and skin can look their best.

For one, you might want to reconsider the type of towel you're using to dry yourself off because the material it's made out of can make or break your skin and hair -literally. Traditional towels are made up of a bunch of little fibers that act like hooks that will pull on your hair and skin. On your skin, this can result in excessive dryness and itching and on your hair, you will cause breakage and frizziness. The solution? A microfiber towel whose fibers are much softer and forgiving on skin and hair.

Your drying method can also affect the condition of your hair and skin, especially if you're using traditional towels. Hair and skin are at their weakest when they're wet so the way you handle them needs to be gentle. Instead of rubbing your skin dry, make sure to make patting motions so that you're not removing fresh skin cells that protect and maintain your skin's moisture. As for your hair, prevent shaking and twisting the water out with your towel. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water from your hair with a cotton t-shirt. T-shirt material is gentle on your hair and can be used to put it up in a loose turban style while it dries.

Taking a nice, hot shower can feel great and relaxing but unfortunately, hot water can also be really drying. We know, that's not what you want to hear but don't stress too much. You can still enjoy those hot showers as long as you make sure to follow the most important post-shower step: moisturizing. The steam from hot water will open up your pores and the cuticles in your hair making it the perfect time to apply moisturizers and serums. Apply these products as soon as you've dried yourself off but are still a little damp. As the product is absorbed, it will also take along the dampness on your skin doubling the moisture. And the same goes with your hair. While it's damp, apply a leave-in conditioner so that it absorbs more easily and takes in as much moisture as possible.

These steps are essential for keeping your skin and hair in their best condition but luckily are quick to do. They'll act as your personal Fiji water girl, working in the background to make sure you're hydrated and always looking great!