Whether you’re an old-school or a new-school hip-hop head, everyone can agree that Atlanta’s A3C Festival and Conference caters to all crowds. Every year, founders Paul Judge and Mike Walbert work hard to ensure that there is something for everyone at the six-day festival. Going into their 15th year, A3C has expanded to recruit Ryan Wilson, the CEO and Co-Founder of Atlanta’s “The Gathering Spot” as a co-owner of the festival. 

Originally started to showcase local talent, the festival has grown to host over 500 artists and DJs and draws about 30,000 attendees each year. A3C has grown to be more than just a music festival, now it has become a hub for cultural and career advancement. The event is split into two parts: the festival and the conference. The conference showcases events that focus on artist management, women in music and entertainment, networking, beat production, political justice, etc.to connect local talent with people who have the power to help them gain more exposure. The most recent conference, which happened to be this past weekend, A3C-goers had the chance to be in the same room with executives from large music, marketing, and tech companies at various mixers, workshops, panels and keynotes! Some of the celebrated speakers included fashion icon Dapper Dan, 2 Chainz, Charlamagne Tha God, Karen Civil, Stacey Abrams, Gary Vee, etc..

2 Chainz in an exclusive Gucci x Dapper Dan sweatsuit made for A3C (left) Dapper Dan (right)

After working hard at the conference, people had the chance to play even harder at different events and concerts hosted around Atlanta. Megan Thee Stallion, Koffee, Buddy, YG, Yasiin Bey -- formerly known as Mos Def, are just a few of the amazing artists that performed at the festival. 

Megan Thee Stallion (left) Buddy (right)

But the beauty of A3C weekend does not solely lie within the big acts that everyone knows, it also lies within the new and local artists that are still underground. The festival gives up and coming artists a chance to witness support from their family, friends and the city in general. A3C places talent in the same room with the people who can help their careers skyrocket. Here’s a list of 10 (out of many) artists who performed at A3C that you should definitely add to your daily playlist! 

1. Baby Rose

2. Clew

3. Rob Olu 

4. Flwr Chyld 

5. Yung Baby Tate


7. Jaye Newton 

8. Nai br.XX 

9. Mauzy Music 

10. Jordan Carter