The hustle and bustle of Paris Fashion Week is now over and the world's most fashionable people have all probably returned or at least started to return home.  Like every year, Paris saw all the top brands display their latest collections and try to set themselves apart from all the rest. While all the designers had some interesting pieces, only a handful had truly interesting shows that successfully set them apart from all the rest. So here are the top 5 shows that stood out the most at Paris Fashion Week.



Off-White also broke the traditional runway show by having a checkerboard runway where multiple models would cross each other's paths instead of walking in a linear path one by one. The show had a racetrack theme all throughout the venue and the collection. All in all the show felt energized and we have to give kudos to Bella Hadid who apparently walked in the show with a 101 degree fever.


Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger's show on Saturday which was full of life and soul. The collection displayed was a joint collaboration with actress and singer Zendaya who was largely given the reins to do and plan whatever she wanted. And what Zendaya wanted was an ode to black women everywhere and all the women that have inspired her. She recruited only black women spanning all decades to celebrate their many accomplishments to the culture. The 70s theme of the event was fun, inspirational, and ended with a killer walk by Grace Jones.



Lemaire brought a fresh take to their show by staging it on the top floor of an applied arts school. They wanted to create a "very natural moment" by having the models walk more casually around the school which by nature broke the traditional straight runway. Instead they walked through hallways and interacted with the audience and surroundings like the average person would. This was a subtle but refreshing approach to the fashion show that's been around for decades.


Alexander McQueen

Sarah Burton's collection for Alexander McQueen was entirely inspired by her home of Northern England. Pieces from the collection were made by textiles from the English mills or inspired by the history. For the show, it was all about the details. The audience sat on bolts of fabric from the English mills that were also used to make the pieces in the collection. And they even featured pieces that were upcycled from scrap pieces from the cutting room floor. Being that the fashion industry has been getting a lot of flak lately for excessive wastefulness, it's nice to see a move towards being more conservative in textile use.



It seems fitting that Chanel had its show on the last day of the fashion week. Perhaps one of the most notable shows since the models walked in Karl Lagerfeld's last ever collection. The location was transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland and the guests felt a somber presence knowing that it was going to be the last time we'd all be seeing Karl's vision fulfilled. Even the models couldn't help but feel the atmosphere, with some models being overcome with emotion at the ending of the show.


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