Kim Kardashian may be one of the most influential fashion icons of today but she doesn't appreciate how much "influence" she has over fast fashion brands. It's become pretty common to see companies like Misguided and Fashion Nova come out with pieces that are almost exact replicas of what Kim has been pictured wearing. Case in point the now famous Mugler dress or the dress Kim wore to Kylie's 21st birthday party imitated by Fashion Nova.

But Kim isn't pleased about it and has taken to social media to call them out.

So according to the official story, Kim is definitely  not working with these companies and even disapproves of what they're doing. Buuut not everyone is taking the official story at face value and here's why.

With all the outfits that these companies are copying, they seem to be doing it at lightning speeds. Kylie's birthday celebration was barely over before Fashion Nova put up their versions of Kim and Kylie's party outfits. And it was only 3 hours after Kim's Insta post (in which she called out the fast fashion brands) that Misguided created a replica of Kim's gold dress and posted about it on their own Instagram. Misguided later deleted their post but since the internet is forever, we still got photo evidence of the whole thing.

You could argue that these companies are really taking the "fast" in fast fashion to heart and just working triple time to come up with the designs after Kim goes public with her ensembles….or you might suggest that Kim is leaking her looks to these companies ahead of time so that they can actually create the designs and time them perfectly with Kim's public debut of the outfits.

The most damning evidence that supports this conspiracy comes from the Mugler dress situation. Yodit Yemane aka the model who wore the Mugler replica for Fashion Nova posted a video on her Instagram stories of the different pictures taken at the photoshoot and it wasn't long before internet detectives noticed the time stamp for the photos.


According to the time stamp, the photoshoot went down on February 14, 3 days before Kim wore it to the Beauty Awards.

And maybe you could argue that it was just a really weird coincidence that they came up with a similar design but if they didn't know she would be wearing it a few day later, then why were some of the photos labelled "Kim dress?"

The KarJenner family are no strangers to working with these fast fashion brands. Kourtney worked on a collaboration with Pretty Little Thing a few years back and several members of the family have had sponsored Insta posts from the companies. Even though Kim Kardashian insists that she isn't working with any of them, it could be possible that she's working with a select few like Fashion Nova and has now filed the lawsuit against Misguided because they've become competition.

Technically a deal like that doesn't go against the sponsored posts policies for social media so unless a new law is placed that requires deals like these to be disclosed or someone from the KarJenner inner circle decides to spill some serious tea *cough* Jordyn *cough* we'll probably never know for sure. But if it is true, we can probably thank Kris for being the PR mastermind behind it.