Ponytails have probably existed since as long as people have needed to keep hair out of their face. A well-styled ponytail will not only serve practical purposes but it can also make you look fierce. While the hairdo has been around for centuries, you don’t have to stick to the same basic style. Check out some creative ways to change up your ponytail.


Tied Down

The end result is a fun but fierce low ponytail but you start off the hairdo with a high ponytail and tie sections down as your move downward. This is the go-to style for the gym or any time you want to show that you mean business.


Ribbon Ties

Tessa Thompson attended the Lady and the Tramp  premiere in NYC with this this fun and unique take on the ponytail. Now that the holidays are nearing, this is the perfect way to switch up the do.


Chain Details

Accessorize your next ponytail with chains. Pairing a sleek, low ponytail with some accent chains or rhinestones will make it look glamorous and edgy.


Blunt Cut

We've all seen the blunt bob but how about the blunt ponytail? Kash Doll proves that you can get drama without the length. To really make the ponytail stand out, go for maximum height and crisp ends.


Wrapped Up

Straight from the runway, this is a must-try style. It's like the more extreme version of the ribbon-tied ponytail but is still wearable any day. With winter fast approaching, now you have a new way to use your silk scarves.


Flicked Out

This gives you the perfect balance between fun and elegant. Next time you're going on a date night out or a girl's night with your friends, let Normani guide your hairstyle for the evening.


Rhinestone Glamour

For those moments where you really want to stand out, this is the style for you. Rhinestones don't have to just stay on hair ties and accessories. Stick them directly to your hair and create a unique piece of wearable art.


What styles will you be trying out? Show us your ponytail for a chance to be featured! @boxbeautyco